Jordie Spring Term Week 7 PPJ

Woah boy, this week was long. It felt as if time stood still.

This week I worked on our marketing materials to send off to Troy who is working on the Senior Showcase Pamphlet. It was a lot of Fiddling around trying to make our character look good as well as give him an updated image for our game screenshot. The design we saw this week was a surprisingly cool palette… and our materials were also in the cooler color range. It just didn’t work.

We focused reworking our presentation in the Saturday meeting as well as  preparing for everything else related to senior show. We needed more recordings of our game (which we wonderfully used an old camera script from Pat on) as well as some small updates in the game itself. We need shirts printed, buttons made, the works. And it’s all due June 5th, so soon!

Time is a funny thing, when you want it to go fast it goes slow, when you need it to slow down it goes fast. Which is what happened on Monday as we tried to fix up the trailer. I reworked it entirely based on a script Resh and Pat made… to be completely honest it was laughably bad. Meme worthy bad. However, it was also a decent starting point to figure out what we want. Resh and I are going to have to sit down and fix it up but we’re one step closer to the result we want…. we just need more filming.

Everything seems to start with getting more materials. We need more specifically tailored things and less B-Roll footage. Which is a this week’s problem now. Crossing my fingers!

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