Spring Term Fancier Fish Production Update (5/10 to 5/16)

Started the week with a BANG- Presentation Tuesday morning! We got a lot of good feedback which shot us off for the rest of the week.

Thursday meeting we pressed hard, talking about senior show, graduation, and how this presentation we’re doing fits into that and our own mad schedules. As well as what we wanted to show to our academic advisor, Wagner, this week.

We ended up mimicking our presentation which was held before the digital media faculty, while proposing our solutions to their criticisms. And with that we got feedback from Wagner as well as asked about the dreaded, and deadly, live demo situation. Our proposed solution will once again keep up flying by the seat of our pants. But if it’s anything this team knows it’s how to walk on the edge of danger.

Together with our combined powers we edited our presentation on Saturday as well as captured new gameplay footage in order to satisfy our needs as well as add to our presentatoin. Unfortunately this is where some hiccups happened in our hour of need. So we cast off with less than happy results hoping to fix it up the following Monday.

With our usual luck following us like a black cloud our troubles continued, preventing us from achieving our prescribed goals. And like always, we did the best we could in order to get the best feedback we could get to hone in our presentation to be show ready come June 5th, our Senior Showcase. (Which you can watch online and will be linked via our various social media platforms) Out of that day we did get a new trailer as well as a modified logo to advertise our website, amazingly.

We have a long road ahead of us, but this is the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll have to pull together to get what we need done, but no matter what happens, we’ll get it done.

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