Jordie Post-Mortem Remote Raiders


We had senior show! And despite my nerves the presentation went well and our expo was nice, overall it was a giant end-all-be-all of our senior project class. I was pretty exhausted by the end of it.

What went right:

  1. Giant team meetings once a week

We had team meetings with everyone in one room once a week starting towards the middle of the second term. If we had started out with this in the beginning we’d probably have ended in a better spot.

2. Communication with CS side was pretty decent

What I saw with one other team was their CS and DIGM sides not talking with each other and basically blowing up the entire team. We, for the most part, communicated as much as possible.

3. We finished!

This one is pretty self explanatory.

What went wrong:

  1. I did not let others help me and took on too much work more than I should have. And I’ve not been the best at communication.

In the first term, I took on figuring out our characters, designing and figuring out the 2D rig/base, all of the technical stuff surrounding our characters all by myself. I thought this was fine for a while and didn’t realize that it was burning me out and I wasn’t achieving, on my own, what as a team we should have been. It went much better during the second term where I had Pat and Jimmie’s help with them.

I also had issues communicating. I often had to work on tasks the night before the deadline with how my term schedules often worked out which left me with no time to say ‘hey i need some help’ nor did I plan to receive help/have a back up plan if I fell through. I will for sure not let this happen again.

2. Our game wasn’t as well balanced to our team’s skills as it probably should have been.

While I love our game concept, and I am pretty happy with what we managed to do considering all that happened… we could have done better. We had really only two 2D artists, and there ended up being a lot of 2D assets with widely different styles. And our textures in our games, while nice, didn’t seem to be what we were going for, which in my opinion was more like our first map. I don’t think a 2D/3D game was a bad idea.. but it could have been done better.

3. We did not achieve as much of a cohesive look as probably should have (see items 1&2)

To put it simply, we don’t have /one/ cohesive look. It’s a pretty giant mess in that point. Our game is fun to play and things work fairly well but our visuals have a lot to be desired, at least in my opinion.

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