Patrick Martin Post-Mortem

Woo. We presented well at Senior Show a few days ago. Now it is time to look back on the process to create Remote Raiders. I believed in the beginning that Remote Raiders had a lot of potential and today, I still believe it has a lot of untapped potential as a project.  In the beginning, as a team we didn’t really have a solid defined direction other than ‘use your phone as a controller.’ I think both personally and as a team we didn’t do enough pre-planning. In the end, I am happy and proud to have been on and made Remote Raiders but, I think it still has a lot of fun left to be found. I’ll start with a quick rundown of the things that went well.

What went right:
1. Having the full team work meetings helped assure us that everyone was working and I always would get a lot done during those meetings. These were a big positive in my book.
2. When we were coming up on deadlines, we would really pull together as a team and be organized. We would use hit list and bulletins for tasks and buckle down.
3. The concept meetings were always fun and we really formed the main ideas in our game at those meetings.


What went wrong:
1. Early in the project cycle not everyone was entirely on board with the concept so elaborating and exploring the concept for an art style was difficult. Our 3d maps with 2d characters seemed like a charming idea at first but it limited our ability to really elaborate on our designs and looking back it seems more like a compromise than an aesthetic choice. This was because we had people who were only really adept at 3d and were planning on making a 2d game.
2. For much of the project, I had trouble finding exactly where I fit in on the team. Jordie often would take much of the 2d work and anything else was often shuffled off to Jimmie. JD handled the 3d aspects of our game. I was often left as a middle man doing odd jobs. I should have asserted myself for more active tasks.
3. With almost any team that isn’t exactly on the same page, communication was a hampering factor. Personally, I often felt out of the loop with events going on or there was a language barrier and I had trouble communicating.
4. We reached a little far and ended up cutting back  or half assing a lot due to missed or approaching deadlines. I personally don’t have the most amazing time management and could have been much better on that front.



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