The Team

We have a diverse group of team members generally divided into two teams; The Digital Media Team which is mostly in charge of the visual design and all graphics And the CS Team which is just awesome.

Digital Media Team


_0000_Jordie-IconJordie’s the head animator and marketing manager for the digital media team. (Which means he’s in charge of this website) He’s an Animation and Visual Effects major at Drexel University and a jack of all trades in all things digital. He specializes in Animation, concept art, and web development. He tends to wear a pine tree hat and is far more sarcastic when tired.



Resh is the technical director and project lead for the digital media team. He’s a Game Art and Production major at Drexel University, and specializes in Unity development. He has a wide variety of skills including Unity asset implementation and assistant hat thievery.



Pat is a Game Art and Production major at Drexel and one the environmental artists on Raiders. He enjoys playing far too much elite and steals hats when people are looking; especially Jordie’s hat. Jordie is not happy with the hat stealing.



JD (Ziyang Pan) is an Animation & Visual effect major at Drexel University. Despite only coming to American 3 years ago he’s overcome a lot of frustration with communicating in English.  After a hard day’s work he loves to watch movies, of all kinds, especially animation. Films motivates his interests and exploration of post-production, especially in animation. Right now, he is enjoying the process of making 3d animation.



Yuepeng “Jimmie” Wu majors in Game Art and Production and before coming to Drexel he majored in Business and Management at Washington College. However, that was short lived and made a career shift to put passion back into his work. Passion drives his life so much he loves the color red purely for the enthusiasm and energy it exudes. He also loves food and his favorite thing to do when traveling is to try the local specialties. He currently also works for Gossamer Games as a level designer and 3D artist.

Computer Science Team



Zach Howell’s the CS Lead on Remote Raiders. Last year, he cofounded game company Fox and the Little Prince and released Alchemia: Sometimes he wears a fancy shirt to presentations.



Tom Rodriguez is a Computer Science major in charge of delivery management for the engineering team on Remote Raiders. This position involves a combination of project management, requirements engineering, and quality assurance, to guarantee that the team executes the full vision of the Remote Raiders design. He also makes sure intense production meetings are accompanied by appropriate amounts of pizza, and occasionally brings in or talks about the latest board game tangentially related the project.



Matt Walker is a computer science major who hails from the great and mysterious land of Utah. He tends to work on managing and implementing various networking aspects of Remote Raiders. He also implemented the basic combat mechanics of Remote Raiders through glorious state machines. When not programming or wrestling with Unity networking, Matt enjoys playing video games, drawing, and partaking of the anime. He loves to challenge himself with combat-oriented games that are notoriously difficult.Indeed, his true passion in games is the often overlooked combat mechanics. For this reason, Matt always endeavors to focus on the combat in any game project he works on. If you ask Matt’s colleagues they will tell you that his true passion is to forget to write his bio for weeks on end.



Jeremy Bennett is in his senior year as a Computer Science student. Jeremy is helping design the architecture of the system and on implementing the objectives in the game. He has done a lot of the technical writing for the computer science side in defining the customer requirements and planning the schedule for the term.



Michael Irizarry is a Computer Scientist from Lancaster, Pennsylvania – home of the Amish. He is not Amish, however. Though he does have quite a large beard. His love for facial hair is only rivaled by his love for video games. Throughout the years many games have been conquered by Michael Irizarry. Many consider him to be a gentle giant, so if you don’t see him in front of his latest gaming console or PC, then he is probably either sleeping or contemplating the purpose of life – though he has already found one in Church. He hopes to bring his programming expertise into Remote Raiders, to make the game the best that it can be.



Vincent Engard is a Computer Science Major with a Concentration in Game Design and Development.  He grew up in small town in Pennsylvania, fascinated with adventuring, exploring, and other worlds.  During middle school years, he began desiring to create video games due to game like Kingdom Hearts and Legend of Zelda.  He pursued this end through high school and into college.  Many times he believed this dream may be shut down, but he is still striving forward in the best way he can.  An avid Super Smash Bros player and church goer at Grace Covenant Church, Vincent is excited about Remote Raiders.  He believes it is a very interesting and fresh game, just needs a few kinks worked out.