Patrick Martin Post-Mortem

Woo. We presented well at Senior Show a few days ago. Now it is time to look back on the process to create Remote Raiders. I believed in the beginning that Remote Raiders had a lot of potential and today, I still believe it has a lot of untapped potential as a project.  In the beginning, as a team we didn’t really have a solid defined direction other than ‘use your phone as a controller.’ I think both personally and as a team we didn’t do enough pre-planning. In the end, I am happy and proud to have been on and made Remote Raiders but, I think it still has a lot of fun left to be found. I’ll start with a quick rundown of the things that went well.

What went right:
1. Having the full team work meetings helped assure us that everyone was working and I always would get a lot done during those meetings. These were a big positive in my book.
2. When we were coming up on deadlines, we would really pull together as a team and be organized. We would use hit list and bulletins for tasks and buckle down.
3. The concept meetings were always fun and we really formed the main ideas in our game at those meetings.


What went wrong:
1. Early in the project cycle not everyone was entirely on board with the concept so elaborating and exploring the concept for an art style was difficult. Our 3d maps with 2d characters seemed like a charming idea at first but it limited our ability to really elaborate on our designs and looking back it seems more like a compromise than an aesthetic choice. This was because we had people who were only really adept at 3d and were planning on making a 2d game.
2. For much of the project, I had trouble finding exactly where I fit in on the team. Jordie often would take much of the 2d work and anything else was often shuffled off to Jimmie. JD handled the 3d aspects of our game. I was often left as a middle man doing odd jobs. I should have asserted myself for more active tasks.
3. With almost any team that isn’t exactly on the same page, communication was a hampering factor. Personally, I often felt out of the loop with events going on or there was a language barrier and I had trouble communicating.
4. We reached a little far and ended up cutting back  or half assing a lot due to missed or approaching deadlines. I personally don’t have the most amazing time management and could have been much better on that front.



The Little Presentation that Could. Patrick Martin PPJ

Greetings Raiders,

Another week and another check in to touch base with you guys. Here we are coming to the last few weeks before the senior show and our release to Itch and I am excited. This week we continued focusing on our presentation and really focus fired on making it more in line with the old timey feel we were going for. We ran with the idea of presenting an old image slide deck and it turned out nicely. We will need to continue touching it up but it is definitely coming along.

Thanks again for tuning in,

Patrick Martin Signing off.

Senior Show Approaches. Patrick Martin

Greetings Raiders,

Production recently has slowed down a bit as we start putting the finishing touches on the game but we have a new challenge for the coming weeks. We need to really develop a professional slide deck for the senior show to showcase to the professors and the professionals coming to our senior showcase. We had a good meeting with our adviser on Friday and met up to hammer out a new structure for the presentation on Saturday. Overall, we are still hard at work to get out the product for the show.

Thanks for reading,

Philly Tech Week

Greetings Raiders,

WOO! This week we managed to get ourselves set up and we went to the philly tech week kickoff on Saturday. We managed to gather up quite a bit of interest for the game. The data we gathered from our the testing there was useful and will help us a lot for our post graduation release.



It’s Showtime. Patrick Martin PPJ

Greetings Raiders,

This week Jimmie, JD, and I ended up showing off our game to the Drexel faculty while, Jordie and Resh were attending East Coast Gaming Conference. Much of the early part of the week was spent focusing on making sure the presentation was looking nice and polished for the faculty and overall the presentation went rather well. The faculty ended up giving us a lot of presentation advice and pointing out a bunch of little things we could fix with our slide layouts. In the end, they were very focused on the presentation and why we had different characters but didn’t have them differentiate themselves within the game play. I personally felt that the presentation went well and all three of us represented the team well. Overall the rest of the week was riddled with midterms and other lovely things to keep me busy so my focus was overall not on Remote raiders. Next week however, I will make sure to put in extra time and get things really rolling.

Have a great week.

Here we go again. Patrick Week 3 PPJ

Hello Raiders,

This week was overall pretty productive and we have been focusing on our Gui and the upcoming presentations. Half of our team will be at ECGC and Half will have to give our Final production update so this has been a week very dedicated to presentations. Overall it went well though and we all came together to make sure it all looked as good as it could for the presentation.

Not Bad But We Cod Do Better. — Patrick Martin PPJ

Greetings Raiders

This week has been marked with the inevitable sign of…. dun.. dun.. dun… PRODUCTION. That’s right we have all been hard at work polishing Remote raiders. I am currently assigned to UI work for the client along with Jimmie. I worked on planning out how to set up the unity scenes for the new screen flow and I was in charge of making the title screen. The new title screen background is below and it will be over layed with the button bases Jimmie had made earlier on in production. MAPmainscreen


We look forward to seeing you next week Raiders.

…. We are Gonna Need a Bigger Plan. Patrick Martin PPJ

Greetings Raiders,

As we all know, we are reaching the end of our development cycle. We are in the last 3 months. HOME STRETCH WOOO. However, with that comes the added pressure of the looming deadline of release. This week we largely took stock of our current location and the exact steps we will need to take to reach our release goal in July. I am excited and a little nervous.

My part in that for this week was planning out and designing our phone GUI with Jimmie. The phone GUI was our biggest pain point and we are going to need to hit it hard within the next week to make it look good. Jimmie and I worked on the current layout a bit in Unity as well as designed a final screen flow and will just need to create and place assets to make that functional within the next week.

Our Sketches:

Screenflow 2.jpgScreen flow 1.jpg

Beta Time- Patrick Martin Week 9

I was DEAD WRONG about my illness getting better on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday i was really feeling like crap and essentially coughing up a lung. It was not fun. Then on Thursday we met up and got our budget proposal lined up and were told to free up our weekends as it was crunch time. I focused my effort on getting my work done and getting better the next couple of days. We had the Wagner meeting on Friday. It was largely uneventful. He said he was proud of our progress and that we should be able to pull together beta for Tuesday. On Saturday, we had a super huge Jam session with everyone at excite. It overall went well and we got a TON of stuff done. I was mostly making sprites and doing odd jobs. Then on Sunday, we got our presentation and touch-ups together.

Hours Breakdown:


• Digm Meeting (1 hr)

• Wagner Meeting (1 hr)

• Saturday Meeting (9 hrs)

• Sunday Meeting (4 hrs)


Total hours: 15 hrs


• We hit Beta and that is something to be proud of.


• Colds suck. Don’t get sick kids.

Pat Martin Week 8 PPJ


• Digm Meeting 1 hour 

During this meeting we touched base on how we were doing and figured out how we were divvying up the Bounty board.

• Wagner Meeting 1 hours

We talked to wagner and showed him the current state of the game.

• Saturday Work Meeting


Work on prison map and implementation: 3 hours
Worked on this earlier in the week as well as at the Friday work meeting. Had a few issues with scaling and colliders but that will be handled as soon as possible.

Work on Mud and Pit sprites 2.5 hours
These were done at the Friday meeting. The mud is completely finished but the trapdoor for the pit trap is not quite finished.

Wrangling with perforce 1h
Had some trouble uploading to perforce this week but Zach and I together got it working.

Total hours: 8.5 hrs


• Got The stuff done that I was asked to get done.


Started getting sick near the end of the week and that really stinks but as of Monday I am starting to get over it.