Patrick Martin PPJ Week 7


This week was rather light as I was working on many other things for other classes and did not do as much as I should have this week. However, Tomorrow I will be doing work on bounty board items and knocking out the prison map that i need to do.

Positives: we have a plan and have every intention of hitting beta at the end of the term.

Negatives: other classes got to me this week and i didn’t get as much done I would have liked.

Thursday meeting – 1 hour
Meeting on Friday – 1 hour
Weekend Meeting 3 hours

Familiarize myself with Map system – 1h



Patrick Martin PPJ Week 6


This week we finished the Merchant and I was in charge of taking the pieces from Jimmie and making sure it works in spine. I was able to adjust some things in unity after the Saturday meeting. We also met on Thursday to plan our week and on Saturday. However, on Friday I was not able to make the Wagner meeting due to my alarm not going off. However, we have a good setup for the next week.

Positive: Finished characters.

Negative: missed the Wagner meeting so we were not able to get his feedback.


Thursday Meeting: 1h


Saturday Meeting: 3h

Spine: 2h

Unity adjustments: 1h

Total: 17h

Patrick Martin PPJ Week 4

Hours Breakdown:


Wagner meeting – (1 hr)

Wagner wasn’t here this week. However, we worked on getting the trailer set up during the time we would meet with him normally.

• Digm Meeting – (1 hr)

In the meeting this week we discussed what our plan would be for the coming week.

• Work Meeting with Digm Side (2 hrs)

This was our chance to check up on what we still needed to get done and we went over the presentation. I worked on the new gantt chart.


• Once I got the colored scientist I moved it into spine and with the exception to a few pieces it is in and ready to go.  (2 hrs)


• Worked with Resh and Jordie to get the presentation set up ( 3 hrs)

Total hours: 9 hrs

Pat Martin PPJ Week 2

The goal is to finish the characters we have for next week

Hours Breakdown:

I made a concept sketch for the female mobster. (3 hours)

During our Thursday DIGM meeting,we went through the concept art we had and decided on a direction and decided on a pipeline.  (1.5 hour)

We had the wagner meeting on Friday. Characters he is not happy with the progress and if we dont get off player characters soon or streamline the process we will be in trouble (1 hour)

We had a group meeting on saturday and I took time to draw up a UI layout (3.5 hours)

Positive: We have a pipe line set up now which is solid.

Negative: I was slowed down because of the release of new content on one of my favorite games.

Total Hours: 9 hours

Winter Week 1 PPJ- Pat Martin

The Break was nice but now we are at the end of the first week. This week we did not start strong as we scrambled to get back into action. This week we met on Saturday to plan out the next few weeks and prioritize what we will do. That didn’t leave a ton of time.

Hours Breakdown:

Friday- We all met at about 11 to have our weekly meeting with Wagner. He had forgotten this week so we took this time to check up with the CS team and see how their progress came along from the break. (.5)

Saturday- We stopped and met for about an hour and a half and made a plan for where we were going to go this term and where our goals were. (1.5 hours)

I began doing some light concepting on the characters, I was not happy with the results so I had scrapped them. 1h

Status report and PPJ – 1h



Positive: We now have a plan on where to go.

Negative: Prof. Wagner missed the meeting and we lost out on valuable critic time with him.

Total hour: 4 hours

First Act Finale: Patrick Martin Week 11 PPJ


This is finally the end of the term.

Beginning the week, there was a lot of stress over the group final presentation. I had worked on it for a decent amount of time before our meeting on Monday with professor Wagner. That meeting didn’t go well and as a team we worked for about 6 hours to fix it.In the end, that work particularly paid off and we ended up having a pretty good presentation on Tuesday.

Outside of that, it is finals week and I personally have been particularly focused on making sure to get everything set up and turned in before the due dates. Therefore, I wasn’t particularly helpful with production this week. On the good side, in the digm meeting and the Full group meeting we managed to figure out where we were going more solidly and were using the criticism we received at the presentation constructively.



Fixing the presentation – 7 hours

Meetings – 1h Wagner
1.5h Digm meeting
2h Full group meeting

PPJ – .5h

Total: 12 hours

Good: We managed to get the presentation turned around very quickly and finish the term with a good final.

Bad: It is finals week and I was not as productive as I could have been.

Thanksgiving Week

We have 2 weeks to cover for this PPJ

Hours Breakdown:

Week 9:

  • Meeting with wagner (1h)
    We discussed the 2d in 3d problem with him and Found out what we were doing was working better than expected.
  • Wednesday meeting (1hr).
    We discussed a menu system with the group and decided to go with a flipping signboard. I was told that i need to finish the textures for the secondaries.
  • Friday meeting. (1.5 hrs)
    We discussed sound with our new sound designer and game systems.

Week 10:

  • Textures for Secondaries (6h)
    This took quite a bit of time because of how many pieces there were that needed Unique textures.
  • Updated Presentation (1.5h)
    Our Presentation needed to be restructured so I worked on that.
  • Writing this PPJ (0.5 hr)

Total hours:  11.5hr

Positive: Glad textures are done for this iteration and enjoyed turkey.

Negative: Thanksgiving put most of the group into a turkey coma. Especially me and I wasn’t overly available when I was at home.

UVs, among other things. Week 8

Hours breakdown:

This week was rather stressful after hearing Wagner was disappointed with our current progress and his thought that we should redo the character to fix the aesthetic of the game. We don’t have time to be scrapping things at this point with our deadline basically being the end of winter term. I had to prepare for Wednesday by finding different examples of games that had a similar angle to ours to see how we could solve the issue. On Wednesday, we managed to agree that if we were going to revisit the character it would have to be first week next term and this term would need to be to finish as strong as we can with what we have. Jordie, Resh, and I worked on the game Logo and the presentation for this week. I also took the time to UV unwrap the models. There were some defects and oversights in the geometry that had to be fixed. That task took longer than expected. Textures for those items will be pumped out next week.

Meeting with Wagner – 1.5 hr
DIGM meeting – 1 hr
Friday Meeting – 1 hr
Find Top down game examples – 1h
Assisted in designing the Logo and Presentation – 3hr
UV unwrapping secondary models – 6 hr
PPJ- .5

I am glad UVs are done for this term. We had setbacks in our aestetic but we should be able to bring it together nicely.

There was some communication breakdown this week at the meetings and some people were going rogue with ideas that we don’t have time to finish with. I was delayed in my task to get textures because of the objects needing to be UVed and the defects that they had.

Total hours: 14 hours

Texture time. Week 7

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meeting (1.5 hrs)

• Wagner Monday (1 hr)

•Team Meeting Friday (1.5 hrs)


UV Unwrap Current Map – 3h

Create textures for current map 6h

Finagle with perforce. 2h

Total hours for the Week: 11 hrs 


I finished the UVs and Textures for the base map this week and made it so that we had color for our map. We as a group are coming together on perforce nicely and it is working out well. I was given the Secondary models and got them situated in the scene.


Would have liked to have the secondary textures finished but i got many of the objects pretty late in the week and the base textures took me longer than expected.