The Sprint: week 9 PPJ

This week we worked on a lot of things in order to prepare for the feature lock down.

Hours breakdown:

DIGM side meeting on Thursday (1hr): we nailed down our plan for the rest of the week. Me and resh and Ziyang made a asset list of the items that we need for the steam boat level.

Meeting with Prof. Wagner on Friday (1hr): we presented our latest features and reported our current status.

Dev day on Saturday: Ziyang past me all of the models that he made for the ship level. I UV layed out all of the items and then textured them one by one. Included module walls, handrails, life preserver,etc. Also I created a floor texture for steam boat level. (6hrs)


Dev day on Sunday: We worked on our ppt for the presentation , filled in all the slides and I created “old photo” effect for our map screen shots. They are not filtered. It requires skills. Resh practiced his presentation and gave him comments and feedback. I created a “death wall” sprite for the prison level.(4hrs)

deathWall.png old_screenShots  prisonshipLevelScreenShot

Positive: It was good to work with programming team in the same room. It was so much easier to communicate and providing feedback to each other.

Negative: Programming team seems very confident with the latest build, but it still has a lot of glitches that need to be improved.

Total hours: 12 hours

Lot’s of work: Week 8 PPJ

This week we worked on a lot of things.

Hourly breakdown:

Meeting on Thursday (1hour). We discussed our new map layout and texted new map scene in Unity engine. We planned to have a animated mummy  done this week.

Meeting on Friday (1hour). We showed Prof. Wagner our latest build. I had a bad stomachache during the meeting.


Dev day on Saturday (4.5 hours)  Resh and Pat helped me to set up Perforce on my mac and finally I can push things by myself. I made a bear trap icon, a hammer, a smoke bomb. I replaced wall by wooden barrel wall  and also updated item box sprite. From now on, we are having white boarders for everything in order to increase the readability.

Positive: Dev day was really productive and finally I have access to our server again. It was very productive.

Negative: Mummy’s line art wasn’t delivered from from Jordie, so it was not started as we planned.

Total Hours: 6.5 hours

Good Shape? Week 7 PPJ

We are in good shape! This is our conclusion of the week.

Hours breakdown:

Meeting on Tuesday (1hour). We discussed our UI feedback as well as our poster.

Meeting on Friday (1hour). Prof. Wagner canceled it again, but we all gathered with CS side of the team and we received an assets list request.

Dev day on Saturday(3hours) I made a new gun icon/ in game item during the meeting. Resh walked us through the map creating process.

Lower the polys counts of the rocks from 150~polys to 30-50 polys. Also centered pivots and deleted all the histories. (3 hours)

Positive: The group came up new UI design. YAY!

Negative: Because I missed the meeting on week 6 Saturday, all of the designs that I made was not useful. They have another set of concept design sketched on the paper which they thought those were better. I am fine with them, but I am no long working on UI. The Perfoce doesn’t work well on my new mac. I am not so familiar with OS and it causes problem when I need to share and get files from server.

Total hours: 8hours



UI and rocks: Week 6 PPJ

This week, I continued working on UI for both server and client. Also, I made rocks according to Resh’s request.

Hours Breakdown:

We had our weekly DIGM meeting on Thursday. (1hr) We rephrased our weekly tasks, since we all knew what to do. We discussed about that we need a splash art for each of our maps and how they should stylized.

On Friday, I attended Prof. Wagner weekly meeting and I was the only person who showed up from DIGM side. People did not come for varies reasons. Prof. Wagner promised me for extra credit (YAY!!!) and we discussed where we were briefly. (0.5hr)

My laptop broke down so I went to buy a new one on Saturday. Said goodbye to my 4 years old laptop. Then Ziyang told me that Resh required some rocks for our game scene and his hands was full, so I took this job from him. I modeled 9 different rocks and UVed them. (5hrs)


I made the UI mock up for both client and server during different occasions.(4hrs) The team will provide feedback in the following week and see if any of them needs to be tweaked or refined.

The title screen  has not started yet. Haven’t got a good design about it yet

Positive: Modeling rocks is fun.

Negative: It seems like Zach wants me to import these UIs into Unity myself, which I don’t feel comfortable of doing so.

Total Hours: 10.5 hours

Lunar New Year: Week 5 PPJ

So it was Lunar New Year last week and we also got a GDC presentation.

Hourly breakdown:

Weekly DIGM meeting (1 hr) We are gonna make our last character “Merchant”.

Prof. Wagner weekly meeting turns out to be our GDC presentation prepare meeting.  (1 hr)

We got a GDC presentation on Friday. and we didn’t get a chance to win. (2hrs)

I worked on coloring the character. (2.5hrs) I will break it apart and prepare it for rig by Tuesday.

I started working on UI for the game lobby. It’s working in progress. (1hrs)

Positive: We participated GDC presentation, which was great. It tells exactly where we stand among all of the other games in the program.

Negative: The Lunar New Year and parents visiting ate up my weekend 😦 Did not get enough time to work on things.

Total hours: 7.5 hours


Characters&more: Week 4 PPJ

I kept on making the characters this week.

Hours breakdown:

Weekly DIGM meeting (1 hr) We decided to getting more characters into the game. Therefore, this week we aimed at getting in”the Scientist”.

Prof. Wagner did not come to the weekly meeting. However, we gathered together, play tested the game, and recorded the game-play footage (1.5 hr)

I worked on the wooden barrel wall which will be used as an in-game item. (2hrs)

I worked on coloring the Scientist and prepared his body parts for rigging. Then I past it to Patrick for next step of the pipeline.(5hrs) The team decided not to add gradients to the character in order to speed up the production. However, at least on my end, it doesn’t make a big difference. It saved me 30mins at most, and it results not look as good as previous characters.


Positive: It was another productive week.

Negative: When Pat was rigging the character, he encountered missing parts. Then I double checked the file and I figured they weren’t past down from Jordie. All of these was because Jordie was distracted by Pat the entire time while she was doing work. Therefore, we blame Pat for this issue:)

Total Hours: 10.5hours

Snowdown Week 3 PPJ

The week, we had a blizzard, but our production did not pause.

Hours breakdown:

Weekly DIGM meeting(1 hr)

Meeting with Prof. Wagner (1 hr) Emergency meeting (.5hr)

Production meeting on Saturday (3.5hrs) We developed a “kill list” for making in-game assets.  I worked on Lady Mafia all the way through the meeting. Working on Coloring all 3 views of new Character, Lady Mafia, and broke down her into pieces in order to get it ready for rigging. (7hrs)


Positive: Production meeting was awesome. We got a great chance to sit together and work on our stuffs and communicate and be productive.

Negative: We got to pause our production on character. Instead we are focusing on UI and items. We spent too much time on characters so far.

Total hour: 9.5hrs

No Title: Week 2 PPJ

We were trying to get a character in the game by next week.

Hours Breakdown:

I made the concept art of our first female character, Lady Mafia. (3hrs)

During our Thursday DIGM meeting, we went through the concept arts and we made the modification. Our next step is break down Archaeologist, rig it, and animate it. We formed a  character creation working pipeline. (1.5hr)

I attended the meeting with Prof. Wagner on Friday. We had a report of our current status and made a promise that we will have a character moving in the game by next meeting. (1hr)

Jordie had question about changing color of the character in Unity. I had an hour long chat with Zach and figure things out.

I received the Archaeologist’s psd file and broke it apart.  The character was prepared to be rigged. Then I past the file to Pat for rigging. (3.5hrs)

Positive: We had a lot of our pipeline set up, finally.

Negative: We were lacking communication about technically how to achieve the character color switching issue.

Total Hours: 9hours


Second quarter!Week 1 PPJ

This week, we resumed our project from a  3-week-break. We did not start production right away. Instead, we had couple meetings and clarified our current state and arranged what we need to do next.

Hours Breakdown:

We supposed to have a meeting with Prof. Wagner on Friday, but he did not show up. We waited for 30 mins. During this time, CS team gave us a list of new function that they developed.

I attended our DIGM group meeting on Saturday, we arranged our tasks as well as our goal for the quarter. (1.5 hours)

I made the concept sprite (first draft) of healing icon, and both gun and healing gun. (3hours) We are not allowed to use a cross with red color, because Red Cross owns it. Therefore, we need to come up our own design. As for the Illusory wall, I did some research of it, and I think I need more information of it before I can work on it.

healHere is our healing Icon!

items_gunGun!items_healingGunHealing Gun!


Positive: I accomplished modifying character body type during the break!

Negative: Prof. Wagner forgot about our meeting.

Total hour: 5hours



Thanks Giving! Week 10 PPJ

This production journal is going to include 2 weeks ( week 9&10) of progress. Because of Thanks Giving holiday, a lot of us are taking a break. However, I still got things done at the meantime.

Hours Breakdown:

Week 9:

  • We had weekly meeting with Prof. Wagner on Monday(1 hr). I addressed my concern during the meeting. Wagner actually think we can push 2D+3D further and make our game stylish. He gave us the example of Second Life to proof his point of view. This brilliant plan of solution regained my confidence of our project.
  • We had our weekly DIGM meeting on Wednesday (1hr). During the meeting, we came us the concept of title screen and waiting screen. It will be a flip board shows all of the information. Also, I need to refine the sprite for the in-game treasure box.
  • Then, I got sick on Thursday, so I couldn’t attend Friday meeting.
  • I refined the treasure box sprite. (2 hrs)
  • I made mock up for the all of the information on the flip board. (waiting, start server, join game, game over) (3hrs)
  • CS team requested a game app logo, so I made one. (1hr)

Week 10:

  • Although Prof. Wagner was sick, we still gathered on Monday. (1hr) we play tested our game and did a run through of our presentation.
  • We had a presentation in EGS, since we are one of their incubator team, a report is needed every quarter. (1hr)
  • Ziyang and I decided to replace the flip board menu idea by a four-sided-spinning Mayan totem. He modeled it but he had problem of doing the UV layout in Maya, so I took the job. I UVed and textured it. (2hrs) Then I textured our Mayan Temple model as well. This temple will be the back ground of the spinning totem. (1hr)
  • Writing this PPJ (0.5 hr)

Total hours:  13.5hr

Positive: It’s good that we had a solution for 2D+3D issue. No more concerns.

Negative: We still need to communicate with the group about how to technically put in totem title menu in game.