Resh Week 8 PPJ: Spring Breaking Point

Salutations Raiders!

Bad news first: The trailer got delayed, and in general we’re a bit behind schedule on that stuff.

Now for the good news: We’re almost done! Granted, it’s very “make or break” right now, but the game is finished and we’re spending the rest of the week putting finishing touches on the trailer. It’ll be a great show when I’ve got a bit more to actually share with you all!


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Resh Spring Week 7 PPJ

Salutations, Raiders! Sorry to say, some technical issues knocked us back a bit on that trailer and presentation, but it looks salvageable and we should be back up to full speed by the end of the week! Unfortunately the rest of my work has been legal, and I can’t wholly talk about it, but stay tuned! We’ve got major updates incoming from me!


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Not Late, Just Early For the Next One! – Spring Week 7 PPJ – Resh

Salutations Raiders!


Sorry for a brief leave of absence on my part. I was super sick last week (and not in a totally radical kind of way) and ended up not getting around to the PPJ!

So, in short I spent the last two weeks doing “company” things and working on the trailer. More info to come, but right now it’s just sort of in a state of me having lots of invisible or unpresentable work.


Until next time, Raiders!

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I survived ECGC (And all I got was this t-shirt) – Resh Week 4 PPJ

Salutations Raiders!


What a ride! We headed down to North Carolina for ECGC last week, and it was exciting! We had a proper booth, and showed off our game with style and flair the likes of which haven’t been seen before or since! Actually it was probably just very okay.


Production didn’t happen much last week, just because the team was split up. But we’re ready to get moving again!

THE (Spring) FINAL COUNTDOWN – Resh Week 3 PPJ

Salutations Raiders!

Today a handful of us spent our time heading to the great state of North Carolina, for the East Coast Gaming Conference! I’m part of our “expeditionary forces”, which means I’ll be down on the floor helping demo our game throughout the day! Also I might be “schmoozing” so to speak. We’ll see.

This week I helped with some GUI polish. While I admit, we didn’t fix everything we wanted to in time for the conference, we did manage to get a lot of stuff done! Hopefully I’ll have more to post next week.

Anyway, see you all in a week, hopefully with some exciting tales of daring adventure!

To ECGC and Beyond! Spring Week 2 PPJ – Resh

Greetings Raiders!

Golly jeepers, or whatever you young kids say, have we got news! Now that I’m over my mysterious illness (Or back from my secret mission to save the planet? The world may never know.) Anyhow, in addition to the usual work update, I’ve been helping plot our trip to the East Coast Gaming Conference!

We’ll have a booth set up there at Indie Alley, demo-ing the game! Isn’t that great? Otherwise all I really achieved this week in quantifiable “on the game itself” work was some major layout fixes to the Prison level, and some minor tweaks to the other two.

This also marks my first PPJ without an hours breakdown, which feels pretty weird if I’m being wholly honest. I feel like I should be putting something here, so I guess I’ll leave you guys with a cool quote:

Build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life. – Terry Pratchett

Winter Pre-Beta PPJ – Resh (THE FINAL COUNTDOWN)

Well, that was definitely a weekend. 15+ hours of us all in one room, jamming out and adding a ton of content to the game to get ready for feature lock. Some great stuff happened, like lights getting baked (huge performance fix!) and a ton of new items being added! The levels are up to beta-level of functionality, though we still have a lot of clean-up we want to do like tweaking textures and placement and the like.


Pasted image at 2016_03_07 04_44 PM Pasted image at 2016_03_06 10_09 PM Pasted image at 2016_03_06 07_24 PM




Fixed a lot of item implementations. Like, a lot. Like the smoke bomb, the bear trap, a poison gun, and possibly the ability to throw snakes at each other. – 5hours

GUI Implementation Main Screen – 3 hours

Music Meeting – 1 Hour

Additional meetings – 6 hours

General Housekeeping – 5 hours

Total: 33 hours


Winter Week 8 PPJ – Resh

Hoo boy we got a lot done this week! Maps 2 and 3 are functional enough for playtesting, and most of their assets exist in a first draft form. We also got some cool new icons into the game, as well as some sprites and a sick new whip animation.





Map #2 Implementation – 10 hours

GUI – Character Select Screen – 2 hours

GUI Implementation Main Screen – 1 hour


General Housekeeping – 5 hours

Meetings – 10 hours



Winter Week 7 PPJ – Resh

This week was a lot of ups and downs. I had to go out of town for some medical work that subsequently made me unproductive for two days, but we made up for that by getting a lot of stuff rolling this weekend. I’ve set it up so even though not much on my end got done this week, the seeds were planted so that I can get a lot done within the next week, including another map design and hopefully some serious layout work/functionality for our GUI.




Map Iteration 2 Updates / Redesign – 3 hours

Map Iteration 2 Implementation – 4 hours

GUI – Character Select Screen – 2 hours

Map 3 design – 4 hours

Map 4 design – 1 hour(s)

General Housekeeping – 3 hours

Meetings – 5 hours



Winter Week 6 PPJ – Resh


This week was a bit lackluster on my end, I admit. I got sick, and had other classes/exams to handle, meaning I didn’t have much time to devote to senior project. I guess the biggest things to come out of the week were that we got some great feedback on our updated map design, meaning I got to spend even more time working on that.


On the upside I now know how to implement things like additional character spawners, item spawners and everything else of that nature, which will make my life way easier in the long-term.



Map Iteration 2 Updates / Redesign – 10 hours

Meetings – 5 hours

Total:15 hours