Ziyang`s Final WEEK Postmortem

Senior show was over yesterday. Back to view 9 months journey of senior project, we experienced lots of happy things and also some sad things in the progress. Be honest, I am actually not really excited to make Remote Raider. Since I am an animation student, I thought I can use what I learned to make an animation for senior project, but most animation students choose to make a game, so it left me no choice but joined a game team. However; since I made the decision I tried to be nice with others and did my best to achieve our goal, but the result is not quite like what I imagined at the beginning.  I would like to summary three most important right things and three wrong things.

The right things:

  1. We set up a meeting on every Saturday to gather all members work together, which makes easily to catch each member`s process and work quality.
  2. In order to finish all missing parts, we wrote on the whiteboard how many things we left in a meeting at the winter term.  We assign each member to do one part. It provided a clear overview of what particular things we need to do, and then we finished all very quickly.
  3. In editing our senior show PowerPoint, we finally mentioned all of our important things we need to talk for our game project after lots of changing and adjustment.

The wrong things:

  1. the schedule conflict happened in the team with high frequency. At first,  we set up a time to meet together but we always missed someone by tons of personal reasons. It led me very hard to follow our goal and objectives each week because we did not have an agreement with everyone who were doing what. Beside, not all of our members were passionate about doing this project. We planed that each member worked the senior project at home but there were always some situations, like health issue; schedule conflict, that slowed down our progress.  Later on, we added up a big meeting on Saturday to gather all members doing work together. This meeting significantly improved our efficiency but it was kind of late to figure out this solution (the second last week of winter term).
  2. We did not have a clear agreement in art style. Assets like character, map and trap were totally three different styles. Although, some of us realized this issue and we already proposed this issue on our group meeting back in fall, but our leaders did not treated it seriously. Even though, they realized how serious this issue was later, they still kept saying”we will figure out it later.”  It made me very confuse about what is more important than those obvious issues. By the ways, my modular pieces are not presented very well in the actual map.
  3.  We planed our game with a high ambition nine months ago, but we constantly lowered our goal and quality again and again during the process of making it by both technical problems and personal problems. At the beginning, we planed for six characters and then we turned down to four characters because our character designer submit designs very late. Also, in some weeks` objective, I had no idea what other members did. Also, I still think it`s better to make a fully 3D game than 2D game because we had at least three members in digm team were good at 3D modeling, rigging and animating, it`s a huge waste for our talent.

Ziyang Pan`s WEEK 10 ppj

Breakdown: The senior show begins this Sunday. Except for finishing the requirement stuffs of class, this week I spent most time on practicing the presentation. Our team also presented the game conference of Drexel in Saturday.

Hours: practicing presentation: 5h

Friday`s meeting: 1h

Total: 6h

Positive: almost done.

Negative: should have more practicing.

Ziyang`s week8 ppj

Breakdown: This week we spent most time on developing our presentation. By responding the feedback we got from faculties on last Tuesday, we did lots of changing in the powerpoint, including the slide order and its special effect and contents. Also, we re-shoot the trailer to make better looking. The cs team help us clean-up some bugs in game for making game has a better playable.

Hours:  Meeting with Wargner: 1H

Meeting with the whole team: 5h

Meeting with DIGM side: 1h

Practice presentation: 2h

Total: 9h

Positive: We developed a better version of presentation.

Negative: The new trailer is still re-shooting, pretty worry about the finish line.



Ziyang`s week 7 ppj


This week we did a little changing on the assets depending on the feedback from our players, and spent more time on modifying our presentation and practice. We also discuss the uniform outlets for our team, so we need to create the vector image of our logo to make sure it can print on our cloth.



Meeting with DIGM: 1h

Meeting on Saturday: 4h

Practing the presentation: 2h

Total: 7h


Positive: our presentation powerpoint set up nicely.

Negative: some of us miss the meeting with Wargner on Friday, since half of us did not realize the changing of schedule. We still need to do more works on polish the game.


Artwork:  Many feedback about our posion gun are said that it`s very confusing by looking, so I did the new assert for it.

poision gun

Ziyang`s week 5 ppj

Breakdown: This week we basically put time on more play-testing things, and we also presented PTW 2016 meeting at city hall this Saturday. We got lots of people who came to play our game, most players are kids, and they were enjoying our game. Except that, we really did not do anything this week, we decide to have a big meeting next week to do final clean-up our game.

Hours:  Meeting on Friday: 1h

Meeting with DIGM side: 1h

Total: 2h

Positive: Feedback from players are almost positive.

Negative: PTW meeting ever planed to present on Friday, but it move out because the rainning problem.






Ziyang`s week 3 ppj


This week we fixed more bugs to make our game more functional. Except some little adjustment on asset in temple map, we mostly complete our game. We invited people to play testing our game, and get many positive and helpful suggestions. Since next week, we need to presentation our game to faculties, we spent most time working on practice presentation in Saturday meeting. Resh and Jordie will go participating ECGC meeting, same time with our presentation, me, Jimmie and Pat will talks our game in Tuesday without leader showing up. Thus, most time this week is make sure our presentation will be presented clearly.



Adviser meeting : 1h

Saturday meeting: 4h

play-testing in Sunday: 1h

Total: 6h


Positive: me, Jimmie and Pat have finished our powerpoint for presentation, we use lots of gif image inside to give evident our game is functional.

Negative: I am afraid my non-English accent may confuse audiences to understand our game, which I will practice more.

Ziyang`s Spring week2 PPJ

Breakdown: Last week, me and Resh had a conversation about modifying the map layout better, so in Saturday meeting, I was working on fix the map layout in unity and modeling the torch, the last 3D modeling in the game, and put it into the game. Also, CS team has already make the game playable, we did the play testing in the meeting and every map works well.

Hours:  meeting with adviser: 1h

meeting with CS team: 6h

meeting with Digm team: 1h

Total: 8h

Positive: everything is going well.

Negative: do not know Unity`s save system, my edit file can not find after I save it.

A new modeling I was working on.


Ziyang`s week 9 PPJ


This week we works on lots of things. Since many reasons, our schedule are way behind our plan, so we try to finish most of them this week. Every member, including our cs team, has came to meet in excite on Sat and Sun to work together.   We list all things we haven`t done on the board, each one put a thing to do and when it has done we picked other one to work on. In fact, it`s way more efficient than I expect. Right now, except some bug fixing, we finished most of art assert.


Meeting on Thursday: 1h

Working on Boat modeling: 3h

Meeting with adviser: 30 min.

Work together in Excite on Sat: 9h

work on Poison gun at home: 30 min.

Work on presentation on Sunday: 2h

Total: 16h


Positive:  working together in exciting makes work more efficient

Negative: Although, our game has made a great improve, but we haven`t time to play testing.

My work this week:

Ziyang`s week 8 ppj


This week we focus on GUI and our second map modular. We set our digm people work together on Saturday. It`s make things more efficient.  Our CS team makes the game more playable, and started to move our new map things into the game.

Positive: I feel very positive when we all people seat in one room working together. my work has done very well. My laptop has back this afternoon, I can finally work on my own laptop.

Negative: we still have lots of stuffs need to done before the term ends.


meeting on Thursday: 1h

Meeting on Friday: 45 mins.

Meeting on Saturday and work: 4h

working on texture at home: 2h.

Total: 7h 45mins.

prison map modular:


Ziyang`s week7 PPJ


This week has lots of things going on, we discussed how many levels we will make for our game, and has been decided by four, in which represent each character`s background. We also discuss how to modify our game and in what visual way to jump to next level. Resh and Pat start to build the new map. The modular modeling looks great in Unity. In order to make our progress fast, we ask each DIGM people to report his daily work on Slack, so we can know and track each one`s work. In my way, my computer had broken on last Monday, and sent to the computer fixer, where they reported me that my video card is falling and need to replace by a new one. They said they need at least 15 business days to work on it, so which means I can`t work on project in my computer before our final presentation coming. Truly Sad! Instead, I have to go URBN to work, but some benefit software in my computer can`t find in URBN`s desktop. That`s makes my work even harder.

Hours: Meeting on Thursday: 1h

Meeting on Friday: 1.5h (Our adviser did not show up. )

Meeting on Saturday: 3h

Working on texture made: 2.5h

Total:  8h

Positive: I have already put textures in all modular modelings we have so far, but it`s rough than textures I did before my laptop broken.

We finally find a way to catch every one in track.

Negative: computer broken affect my progress and quality.