Ziyang`s winter week6 PPJ


This week we continue working on map modular, and forcing on making map`s texture.In order to make texture good, I spend many hours on painting it on Photoshop in the weekend, and make sure the edge of texture can connect with texture in other modeling. Also,  CS team asked to add a curve wall corner to the game in the meeting of Saturday.So I also modeled the corner wall this week.

Positive: the modeling within texture looks great, I am more confident to continue working on it.

Negative: I still have some modeling that did not finish its textures. I slept over the meeting on Friday with advisor.

Hours: meeting on Thursday: 1h.

working on texture: 3h+6h+3h = 12h

working on modeling: 1h

meeting on Sat: 3h

Total: 17h

Ziyang`s week5 ppj


This week we work on modeling more objects and items for map modular, and finish the forth character of our game in design and animation. We also participate the GDC presentation on Friday and did lots of play test for our game to make sure there is no bug happen during playing.

Hours: meeting on Friday: 1h.

Participate in GDC presentation: 2h

Working on map modular: 5h.

Total: 9h


Positive: we almost finish mostly assert element of our game, will move to our beta test soon.

Negative: the time in texture our new map modular is spending more time than I expert, will catch up to finish all this week.



Ziyang`s week4 PPJ


This week, we focus on preparing mid-term presentation for Tuesday`s class, also continue working on assert of map modular, and character design. we also participate in game force presentation on Thursday night for introducing our game project to people outside of Drexel.

Hours: Meeting on Thursday: 1h

Meeting on game force: 2h

Meeting on Friday: 1h

Meeting on Saturday: 2h

Working on Modular texture and presentation: 1h

Total: 7h


Positive: our presentation power point goes well after our meeting, the character design and map modular things also goes fine. in meeting with game force, we get lot of suggestions for improve our game.

Negative: our video trailer has a low resolution version which is not what we expect, so we will re-shoot trailer today before our Presentation.

modular render images


Ziyang`s week3_PPJ


This week we review what we have done in last week, finished the final version of our archeologic character, done a rough animation for him, so this week we assign to fix its animation in the spine. We also have done the art concept of lady gangster, and will start to cut her out for rigging and animating. For map environment, we start to create game modular, wall, floor and wall with the door, to easy set up our map. In the meeting with Advisor, we realize that still some items appearing in game have not begun to build yet, so we try to catch up. For cs team, the archeologic character can play in the game, good news for us.


Meeting with DIGM team: 0.5h

Meeting with Advisor: 1h

Skype meeting on Sat: 1.5h

Working on map modular: 4h

UV: 2h

Total: 8h

Positive: map modular works fine, and we already finished two characters for the game, the schedule we set up in the first week is processing in positive way.

Negative: snow storm let us have to give up meeting on Sat, instead talking on Skype.


-Some samples I did this week for game modular:





Ziyang`s week2 PPJ


This week we reviewed what we did last week for characters and maps design, talks about how disturb each work for the future. We have a bunch designs for our female character made by three members, each one has their lovely part so we tries to make all advantage tie into one design, and start to rig and animate it. For the map design, we have a little problem on the size, we afraid our character may not fit in that size, so we decide to do second iteration to see what happen.


Meeting on Thursday: 1h

Working on map iteration: 2h

Total: 3h.


Positive:  We all had done some works in week, it`s nice to say that we all put attention on our senior project, our cs team is even more fantastic than us.

Negative: My friend from PSU came to visit me this week, so I missed two meeting on Friday and Saturday without telling any one because I forgot. After all, I still finished our second iteration.



Ziyang`s Winter WK01`s PPJ


This is the first week of winter term, we planed lots of things for the rest of weeks in our group meeting on Saturday. Since the new term, our course schedules are ways different with last term, we find out what time we can set up for our group meeting and we decide 4 pm on every Thursday, and our adviser meeting will be 11 am on Friday. For our game project going, we planed the goal that finish the game at the end of winter term and use to publish next term, so in other words, this term will be very busy. For game itself, we decided to create more level maps to make player to choose play, and give our six characters with individual style so player can distinguish each other. Overview, we got everything we need to know for running senior project.


group meeting on Saturday: 1.5h

working on map layout design: 1h

modeling the sample room model for testing: 1h

Total: 3.5h

Positive: we have a plan for the rest of weeks.

Negative: our adviser forgot our meet on Friday.

Ziyang`s Week 10 PPJ

Breakdown: Before Thanksgiving week, I was assigned to work on main_title animation in phone screen with Jimmie. Our layout of animation is spin the sign to another side when finger sliding on it.  Since my group encouraged me to use imagination to create things. I inspired from menu of game “Monument”, to create our main menu. I modeled the temple, the sign and the tree, and move them to Jimmie to texture it, then back to me to animate it and rendering.



Working on animation and modeling: 8h

Waiting for rendering: 7h (just in case, saying it.)

Total: 8h


Positive: the final render looks great, I wish our group will love it.

Negative: the render time takes way longer than I expected. Should start it early next time.

Two rendering image:

Ziyang`s Week 8 PPJ


In the meeting of Monday, we showed our advisor what our game looks like so far.  Mr. Wargner admired our map environment and texture layout, but he felt the 2d character is not fit with our 3d environment, and pointed out the issue on the perspective of character, is lying on the ground not walking on the ground. It came up a question we mainly discuss this week. In the end, we decided to add light effect on character to see if it`s helpful. However; I personly think that we need model character in 3d, rigging that and animating that. Although it is hard, 3d animation is what I learned in three years at Drexel University. However; I am not the leader of our project. Because of I did a good assignment on stimulation class, my teammate asked me to make a fire effect in Maya, that`s the main task for me this week. I tried my best to make it well, but the issue happened on Vray, I can`t render it all, so I have to use mental ray to render instead.


Meeting on Monday: 1.5h

Meeting on Wednesday: 1h

Meeting on Friday: 1.5h

Working on Fire simulation: 3h

Total: 6.5h

Positive:  I did not hear any bad feedback from advisor about what I did for our project so far, which is of benefit to me to continue working on our next step with confident.

Negative:  I really feel every time we meet, we always put something later to talk, and then put our later talking thing later talk. It made everyone have different thoughts of our joint work, and lots of misunderstands happened when we meet together. I think one of us need to stand up as a manager of our senior project. and he/she can, at least, control everything.

The fire simulation I did this week.


Ziyang Pan`s Week 7 PPJ


Since we promised Wagner to show a nice slice in the meeting tomorrow, we all have lots of tasks to do this week. According to the meeting on Friday we discussed, we will finish most things of our game including character animation,  a good UI design, map with texture, and stuff inside the map. Everyone work hard at this time, and I feel pretty good that we will catch our schedule. This week my task was to model all stuffs inside our map, we have some reference images about Maya temple style , but most time I need to use my imagination to guess what stuff should appear in the temple, so I spent a entire day working on our project.


Meeting on Monday: 1h.

Meeting on Wednesday: 1h

Meeting on Friday: 1.5h

Working on Project: 9h

Total: 12.5h


I finished the model of stuff inside our map before Sunday, and it allows my other teammates have time to continue working on that, UV out and texture on.

We have play-test party in EGS on Tuesday. l10~15 people from outside came to play our game and left feedback to us, which is very benefit for us to modify our game.

I hear lots of things done from other teammates this week, so I think our senior project is processing in the positive way.


My laptop has a serious issue that can`t install Perforce. none of our teammates can figure out what`s going on, and they all have already installed Perforce in their laptop. I feel so sad for it.

Since we all have different versions of maya, we got the issue that can`t open my file in their laptop. But finally we solve it.


Ziyang`s Week 6 PPJ


This Week my previous goal was to help animate our character in the game, but I was assigned to modeling our map with precise measurement in Wednesday meeting. I got all requirements measurement for each room from our meeting, and I worked on that using the entire afternoon of a day because I was struggling with incoordination between our layout and our measurement in actual see.


Meeting with advisor on Monday: 1h

(I misunderstanded in our goal for last week, I helped to animate character, but issues on the rigging and my other assignments bogged down me to fin. It led our team hard to show more stuff during the meeting, and I felt very sorry. )

Meeting with DIGM team on Wednesday: 1h

(We talked about more details for developing our game, and base on the suggestion from our advisor, we make some plans to modify it.)

Meeting with All crew on Friday: 1h

(Basically, we decided to use Perforce and Slack to communicate each other.)

Working on Map model: 5h

(Like I mentioned above, the data of size I got in meeting was not exactly become our layout looking, so I have to change some sizes to make it match our layout, and I sent to our group chat waiting feedback.  )

Total: 8h.

Positive: each one got clear task this week, and won`t happen misunderstand again.

Negative: I am still waiting for feedback, otherwise I don`t know what I was done is fine or not.

I didn`t set up Perforce yet, will do it later.