Spring Term Fancier Fish Production Update (5/10 to 5/16)

Started the week with a BANG- Presentation Tuesday morning! We got a lot of good feedback which shot us off for the rest of the week.

Thursday meeting we pressed hard, talking about senior show, graduation, and how this presentation we’re doing fits into that and our own mad schedules. As well as what we wanted to show to our academic advisor, Wagner, this week.

We ended up mimicking our presentation which was held before the digital media faculty, while proposing our solutions to their criticisms. And with that we got feedback from Wagner as well as asked about the dreaded, and deadly, live demo situation. Our proposed solution will once again keep up flying by the seat of our pants. But if it’s anything this team knows it’s how to walk on the edge of danger.

Together with our combined powers we edited our presentation on Saturday as well as captured new gameplay footage in order to satisfy our needs as well as add to our presentatoin. Unfortunately this is where some hiccups happened in our hour of need. So we cast off with less than happy results hoping to fix it up the following Monday.

With our usual luck following us like a black cloud our troubles continued, preventing us from achieving our prescribed goals. And like always, we did the best we could in order to get the best feedback we could get to hone in our presentation to be show ready come June 5th, our Senior Showcase. (Which you can watch online and will be linked via our various social media platforms) Out of that day we did get a new trailer as well as a modified logo to advertise our website, amazingly.

We have a long road ahead of us, but this is the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll have to pull together to get what we need done, but no matter what happens, we’ll get it done.

Jordie Spring Term Week 7 PPJ

Woah boy, this week was long. It felt as if time stood still.

This week I worked on our marketing materials to send off to Troy who is working on the Senior Showcase Pamphlet. It was a lot of Fiddling around trying to make our character look good as well as give him an updated image for our game screenshot. The design we saw this week was a surprisingly cool palette… and our materials were also in the cooler color range. It just didn’t work.

We focused reworking our presentation in the Saturday meeting as well as  preparing for everything else related to senior show. We needed more recordings of our game (which we wonderfully used an old camera script from Pat on) as well as some small updates in the game itself. We need shirts printed, buttons made, the works. And it’s all due June 5th, so soon!

Time is a funny thing, when you want it to go fast it goes slow, when you need it to slow down it goes fast. Which is what happened on Monday as we tried to fix up the trailer. I reworked it entirely based on a script Resh and Pat made… to be completely honest it was laughably bad. Meme worthy bad. However, it was also a decent starting point to figure out what we want. Resh and I are going to have to sit down and fix it up but we’re one step closer to the result we want…. we just need more filming.

Everything seems to start with getting more materials. We need more specifically tailored things and less B-Roll footage. Which is a this week’s problem now. Crossing my fingers!

Resh Spring Week 7 PPJ

Salutations, Raiders! Sorry to say, some technical issues knocked us back a bit on that trailer and presentation, but it looks salvageable and we should be back up to full speed by the end of the week! Unfortunately the rest of my work has been legal, and I can’t wholly talk about it, but stay tuned! We’ve got major updates incoming from me!


  • Resh

The Little Presentation that Could. Patrick Martin PPJ

Greetings Raiders,

Another week and another check in to touch base with you guys. Here we are coming to the last few weeks before the senior show and our release to Itch and I am excited. This week we continued focusing on our presentation and really focus fired on making it more in line with the old timey feel we were going for. We ran with the idea of presenting an old image slide deck and it turned out nicely. We will need to continue touching it up but it is definitely coming along.

Thanks again for tuning in,

Patrick Martin Signing off.

Ziyang`s week8 ppj

Breakdown: This week we spent most time on developing our presentation. By responding the feedback we got from faculties on last Tuesday, we did lots of changing in the powerpoint, including the slide order and its special effect and contents. Also, we re-shoot the trailer to make better looking. The cs team help us clean-up some bugs in game for making game has a better playable.

Hours:  Meeting with Wargner: 1H

Meeting with the whole team: 5h

Meeting with DIGM side: 1h

Practice presentation: 2h

Total: 9h

Positive: We developed a better version of presentation.

Negative: The new trailer is still re-shooting, pretty worry about the finish line.



Spring Term Fancier Fish Production Update (5/3 to 5/9)

This week was a strange one. We’re preparing for senior show and a lot of our energy is there as well as trying to polish our game further.

This Thursday at our meeting with Wagner we got a lot of good feedback on our presentation as well as Tuesday presenting from fellow students. We edited our presentation on Saturday with the whole team.

poision gun
Ziang’s new mock up

We also made some redesigns of our poison gun, Ziang, Jordie, and Zach discussed this based on player feedback that the item was confusing. Mostly we understood it was confusing because of it’s look not it’s function. Once the function was explained players got it pretty quickly.

We also worked on the next iteration of our trailer during the weekend. The point of that was less to make a fantastic trailer and instead get the bones of something we could build on later.

In that same meeting (it was a very productive meeting) we also started working out a new print version of the Remote Raiders, which we’ll be using for our T-shirts and everything else.

We’re pretty excited for everything going forward and we’re working hard for both senior show and release.


Not Late, Just Early For the Next One! – Spring Week 7 PPJ – Resh

Salutations Raiders!


Sorry for a brief leave of absence on my part. I was super sick last week (and not in a totally radical kind of way) and ended up not getting around to the PPJ!

So, in short I spent the last two weeks doing “company” things and working on the trailer. More info to come, but right now it’s just sort of in a state of me having lots of invisible or unpresentable work.


Until next time, Raiders!

  • Resh

Jordie Spring Term Week 6 PPJ

This week is mostly polishing and getting ready for senior show. It’s hard to quantify what is even going on at this point. It’s a lot of little things that add up to a lot.

The most important thing was this week we reworked our new logo for Remote Raiders for large printing needs that happened at the Saturday meeting. Fun times for me- I keep having mandatory work weekends on the days of our meetings so I can’t even attend the full meetings sometimes.

Still going strong and I’ve been fiddling around more with our press kit and I still have a small trouble spot with spacing I’ve been trying to hammer down. Once that’s fixed and I gather more content for it we should be ready to go!