Senior Show Approaches. Patrick Martin

Greetings Raiders,

Production recently has slowed down a bit as we start putting the finishing touches on the game but we have a new challenge for the coming weeks. We need to really develop a professional slide deck for the senior show to showcase to the professors and the professionals coming to our senior showcase. We had a good meeting with our adviser on Friday and met up to hammer out a new structure for the presentation on Saturday. Overall, we are still hard at work to get out the product for the show.

Thanks for reading,

Ziyang`s week 7 ppj


This week we did a little changing on the assets depending on the feedback from our players, and spent more time on modifying our presentation and practice. We also discuss the uniform outlets for our team, so we need to create the vector image of our logo to make sure it can print on our cloth.



Meeting with DIGM: 1h

Meeting on Saturday: 4h

Practing the presentation: 2h

Total: 7h


Positive: our presentation powerpoint set up nicely.

Negative: some of us miss the meeting with Wargner on Friday, since half of us did not realize the changing of schedule. We still need to do more works on polish the game.


Artwork:  Many feedback about our posion gun are said that it`s very confusing by looking, so I did the new assert for it.

poision gun

Refine the PPT! Week6 PPJ

Greetings Raiders!

Basically we did not touch anything on the production this week. However, according to the play test feedback, the attack button needs to be update. Because our characters are using a whip as the main weapon, a pair of sword icons doesn’t make any sense on the attack button. Therefore, I changed it! Now it’s a whip icon on that button.

Besides of that . we worked on the Powerpoint and prepared for the senior show presentation.

Until next week. Farewell!

Spring Term Fancier Fish Production Update (4/26 to 5/2)

Philly tech week! It was super great on a lot of fronts.

Philly Tech Week Picture w/ Philly Jesus

As a team we had a lot of fun interacting with the public as well as other developers (And perhaps teasing Polyscape a bit). We got a lot of good feed back and it’s amazing to see other people play, and enjoy, something we all worked so hard on. Plus we got the infamous philly jesus to even play our game.

We’re all very excited and looking forward to more improvements (well as much as we can at this point lol) on our game. Now is the point that most of our attention is on graduation, but before that, senior show. And after that it’ll be preparation for official release within the next three months.

PTW!!!! Week5 PPJ

Greetings Raiders!!!

Last week, we showed off our game on Philly Tech Week (PTW), although it was postponed to Saturday, due to weather. It was nice to not get our equipment all wet.

A lot of people played our demo and we collected a lot of valuable data. I believe a lot of you guys in front of the screen went to the event. RIGHT? It was good to see people enjoy our game and communicate with each other as our game encouraged.

And now, we are going to prepare for the senior show. Until next time!


Philly Tech Week

Greetings Raiders,

WOO! This week we managed to get ourselves set up and we went to the philly tech week kickoff on Saturday. We managed to gather up quite a bit of interest for the game. The data we gathered from our the testing there was useful and will help us a lot for our post graduation release.



Jordie Spring Term Week 5 PPJ

Press Kit Start

This was a slow week for me, overall. Recovering from ECGC as well as catching up on homework was a lot to handle at once.

The first important thing for us to do was to create a survey as well as send it to all the lovely people we met at ECGC that gave us their email. Which went pretty well and we got some survey data to improve things moving forward. And now we also have a Newsletter that we can use from now on to keep people updated with all of our improvements moving forward as a studio.

Newsletter/Survey Format

Next was the press kit. And while it’s not done, nor ready to show to the public, but it’s completely formatted with most of the information in it. I’ll have more of our marketing materials done soon but this is a good start. We also got some pictures on our Instagram from the event and used our twitter to have some fun.

Overall while this week was more “slow” than our normal weeks it was mostly focused on getting our stuff together for philly tech week and preparing for the beginning of senior show presentations.

Ziyang`s week 5 ppj

Breakdown: This week we basically put time on more play-testing things, and we also presented PTW 2016 meeting at city hall this Saturday. We got lots of people who came to play our game, most players are kids, and they were enjoying our game. Except that, we really did not do anything this week, we decide to have a big meeting next week to do final clean-up our game.

Hours:  Meeting on Friday: 1h

Meeting with DIGM side: 1h

Total: 2h

Positive: Feedback from players are almost positive.

Negative: PTW meeting ever planed to present on Friday, but it move out because the rainning problem.






Spring Term Fancier Fish Production Update (4/19 to 4/25)

Fancier Fish Studios has had a long, but successful, week. There isn’t a lot to show but there is a lot to tell!

Fancier Fish Booth at ECGC

The team was split in two one half staying to do our final presentation update, while the other half went off to South Carolina for the East Coast Game Conference (ECGC)

The digm half that stayed managed to put together a presentation to give to the faculty and did well. There were concerns brought up that hadn’t been discussed before (from the faculty side) but it wasn’t anything we hadn’t talked about as a group and made a decision on it.

The other half, ECGC half, set out to complete a few goals: one was to get playtesting data, one was to get contacts for when we released, and one was to simply get as many people to our game as possible. We got a lot of feedback- some people loved it, some people liked it, some liked the concept but not where it was at, and some played then quickly left.

Fancier Fish away team

Most of what we took away was just how much our controller needs updating and streamlining. And we need a good how to play because otherwise it’s a 30 second to 1 minute explanation depending on who from our team was explaining.

We also made a lot of friends! Across from us was a booth from Angry Toddler, they were great. And individually we all got to experience a lot and meet lots of great people.

On both halfs the Fancier Fish team was successful and we’re all very happy.

Showing off. Week 4 PPJ

Salutations Raiders!


This week, we mainly focusing on backing up our team when the rest went to ECGC. JD, Patrick and I took cared the presentation when Jordie and Resh and our programming team were attending East Coast Gaming Conference(ECGC). We spent a lot of time on working on the new presentation. Other than that, we did not have much progress on production, but we are planning to catch up next week according to our play test data in the conference.

We will bring you more update next week!