…. We are Gonna Need a Bigger Plan. Patrick Martin PPJ

Greetings Raiders,

As we all know, we are reaching the end of our development cycle. We are in the last 3 months. HOME STRETCH WOOO. However, with that comes the added pressure of the looming deadline of release. This week we largely took stock of our current location and the exact steps we will need to take to reach our release goal in July. I am excited and a little nervous.

My part in that for this week was planning out and designing our phone GUI with Jimmie. The phone GUI was our biggest pain point and we are going to need to hit it hard within the next week to make it look good. Jimmie and I worked on the current layout a bit in Unity as well as designed a final screen flow and will just need to create and place assets to make that functional within the next week.

Our Sketches:

Screenflow 2.jpgScreen flow 1.jpg

Jordie Winter Term Week 1 PPJ

This is also counting some of the stuff I’ve done over break but the hours on that were more sketchy than I’d like as I didn’t record any of them well.

Hours Breakdown:


• Friday Meeting- was  going to be with wagner but things happened- (.5 hrs)

• Digm Meeting – (1.5 hrs)


•Went through our website and made all of our tagging system and such somewhat consistent (1.5 hrs)

• Concepted and researched methods of better design for our characters in terms of style. (10 hrs)


• This week I went through and designed a new version of our character “gangster” as I was requested to do (4 hrs)

Gangster Tests

• Animated the blank doll for the use item animation (1.5 hrs)

Total hours: 19 hrs


-We had a team meeting to decide where we’re going this term and we’ll figure out the pipeline for creating characters this week

– The rigging system I created last term will be completely usable and ready to go for this term, all the prep was completely worth it to speed our process along now.



-Our team meetings are at the end of the week so our production schedule doesn’t completely line up with the PPJ posting times


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Thanks Giving! Week 10 PPJ

This production journal is going to include 2 weeks ( week 9&10) of progress. Because of Thanks Giving holiday, a lot of us are taking a break. However, I still got things done at the meantime.

Hours Breakdown:

Week 9:

  • We had weekly meeting with Prof. Wagner on Monday(1 hr). I addressed my concern during the meeting. Wagner actually think we can push 2D+3D further and make our game stylish. He gave us the example of Second Life to proof his point of view. This brilliant plan of solution regained my confidence of our project.
  • We had our weekly DIGM meeting on Wednesday (1hr). During the meeting, we came us the concept of title screen and waiting screen. It will be a flip board shows all of the information. Also, I need to refine the sprite for the in-game treasure box.
  • Then, I got sick on Thursday, so I couldn’t attend Friday meeting.
  • I refined the treasure box sprite. (2 hrs)
  • I made mock up for the all of the information on the flip board. (waiting, start server, join game, game over) (3hrs)
  • CS team requested a game app logo, so I made one. (1hr)

Week 10:

  • Although Prof. Wagner was sick, we still gathered on Monday. (1hr) we play tested our game and did a run through of our presentation.
  • We had a presentation in EGS, since we are one of their incubator team, a report is needed every quarter. (1hr)
  • Ziyang and I decided to replace the flip board menu idea by a four-sided-spinning Mayan totem. He modeled it but he had problem of doing the UV layout in Maya, so I took the job. I UVed and textured it. (2hrs) Then I textured our Mayan Temple model as well. This temple will be the back ground of the spinning totem. (1hr)
  • Writing this PPJ (0.5 hr)

Total hours:  13.5hr

Positive: It’s good that we had a solution for 2D+3D issue. No more concerns.

Negative: We still need to communicate with the group about how to technically put in totem title menu in game.


Jordie PPJ Week 8

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meeting (1.5 hrs)

• Team Meeting Monday (1 hr)

•Team Meeting Friday (1.5 hrs)


• Updating and Editing the Website (and figuring out the means to do that) (6 hrs)

• Updating and Fixing the Rigs in Spine (1 hrs)

•Logo Design (2 hrs)

•Presentation and Documentation (4 hrs)

Total hours for the Week: 18 hrs 


-I ended up working on the website early in the week like I planned on doing weeks ago so the moment it’s finished I can start doing more marketing type things to push our game forward.

-Got some documentation done for the CS Side


-Got thrown a wrench on Monday on our design which set us back.. sort of. Mostly fixed the perceived problem

-Havn’t finished the website “about” page completely- waiting on Bios from team members

-Haven’t finished the page for the promotion of our game yet- that will be completed sometime this coming week.

-Skins are far more time consuming than I realized.


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A lot of concerns: Week 8 PPJ

This week is like a nightmare.

Hours breakdown:

Attended meeting with the Prof. Wagner on Monday. He pointed out that the 2D character does not blend with the 3D background. Surprisingly that was my concern on week 1. Prof. Wagner said that the character looked like it was rolling on the floor in stead of walking. Furthermore, the light in the environment does not lit up the 2D character, which breaks the connection between them even more. Therefore, we had 2 options: 1.we adjust the environment camera angle as well as the player character and make the player responsive to the light in the environment;  2. 2D sprites are taken placed by 3D character. However, team members were not willing to pick the second option, because that will turn all the current character art assets into ash. Although I personally think it won’t work as well as we thought, option 1 is the easiest fix to this problem. In this case, my job was look into solutions to make 2D sprites lit up by the light in the environment. (1.5hrs)

I looked into Unity official website and youtube tutorials  in order to searched for solutions. Eventually, it seems like the answer to lit up 2D sprite is possible by using 3D materials. (2hrs)

We had our DIGM meeting on Wednesday.  I provided a lot of 2D top-down games’ screen shot samples to the group. I hoped we could have some good references to adjust the camera angle in our game. At the meanwhile, I told my group that I had solution to make the 2D character sprite affected by light. (1.5hrs)

On Friday full group meeting, we talked about the UI.  During the meeting, we went through Unity project, and the UI structure was too complicated for me to do any editing to UI. Furthermore, programming team were not able to fulfill my design of the phone UI layout. We are not going to have player icon nor player name tag, at least in this quarter. Before the meeting ended, Resh told me that I need to make the player sprites responsive to the light by the end of Saturday. (2hrs)

I made the player sprites were able to respond to light. (0.5hr) However, Perforce had problem that I couldn’t upload it. I asked for help in our group chat but no one responded. I fixed it by myself at the end.

Made mock up for ip sign-in screen UI and option menu. (3 hours)startServerScreen_


Writing PPJ. (1hr)

Positive: We meetings in this week cleared out all the fogs in this project. It’s good to know how we went wrong as well as what were doable. It makes everything realistic.

Negative: I was sad to know that I had no ability of  convince other people. The problem that prof. Wagner pointed out on Monday was foresee by myself on week 1. The group were so confident about 2D sprite + 3D environment that no one gave shit about my concern. Under current situation, in the worst scenario, we have to make 3D characters from scratch and do the rigging and animation. My UI design couldn’t be fulfilled and I just got noticed on week 8. The only things that are workable are buttons. The whole design was pointless and I got to do more. This makes me so disappointed that I got no one to blame, but myself. I 100% finished all the tasks each week but I felt I had accomplished nothing.

Total hours: 11.5 hours

Jordie PPJ Week 7

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meeting (1.5 hrs)

• Team Meeting Monday (1 hr)

•Team Meeting Friday (1.5 hrs)


• Fixing Base Model for Front (Spine stuff) and Animated everything for the side- rendered out and put on perforce (3 hrs)

• Redraw hands and feet for back Model- and fix model in spine (2 hrs)

•Experiment in spine to make sure the draw function could be animated and get skins working (1 hr)

• Environmental texture Work Floor stuff (.5 hrs)

•Ended up working on Logo for the Game (.5 hrs) Didn’t need to get done but it was something I just felt like working on.

Total hours for the Week: 11 hrs 


-I finished the front model, rerigged it, and animated the side. It went MUCH faster than I expected- Figured out another function within spine to make my work go much faster. This program has a lot more to it than I realized. Once I figured out the trick to keying that I can also do the skins so much easier! It’s not magic, it’s still work, but this is FAR faster than drawing everything by hand! Very Happy > W <

-The back rig is troublesome in how it works but should function fine moving forward

-Got done what was planned

-Should be able to do that next week the archeologist skin- and after that I’ll be completely done with what I needed to get done with this vertical slice!! So I’ll be two weeks ahead of time (technically) which means I can finish the animations for what other items we’re using for the game (which was more or less a stretch goal it felt like same time last week) and (maybe) I can work on the skins for the other characters.

-Perforce is working well- I’m super happy with how easily I can use it. Just gotta understand how it version saves— because I’m automatically still putting v1, v2 etc on my stuff. Oops? Good habit but evidently not for this.


-While I finished what I had planned to do this week… but in the middle of the week I added more work onto what I wanted to get done. That didn’t get finished. It’s just drawing the skins and animating the front and the back that I also wished to finish.


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Busy Week 7 PPJ

This week, a lot of things happened. Because we promised Wagner a nice vertical slice for next Monday, we have to get a lot done this week.

Hours Breakdown:

  • We had a huge play test section in EGS  on Tuesday afternoon. Over 15 testers played our game and filled up the survey. (1.5hrs)
  • We had a DIGM meeting on Wednesday. We discussed how I need to modify the Golden Orb. First, it needs to be orbit instead of a random shape. Second, it need to have Mayan style decoration. Third, it needs to be shinny. Also, we planned that I will help Jordie to do the character animation. (1.5hrs)
  • I finally learned and set up Perforce. Also, I got it connected to Unity on my laptop. (1hr)
  • I did the color adjustment to the UI and final adjustment. Then I exported all the background, buttons, icons as separate sprite. They are ready to be implanted. (1hr)
  • We had a full group meeting on Friday. We analyzed the play test data from Tuesday. I was requested to do the in-game whip animation. We discussed 10 frame animation will be good enough for it.(1.5hrs)
  • Reworked on Golden Orb according to the discussion. (1hr)


  • On Saturday, I realized that Jordie finished all the character animation, so I don’t need to do any. The attacking animation was finished by Jordie, so I need to animate the whip according to the character’s movement. In this case, there were 30 frame instead of 10 frames which surprised me. Therefore, I did the whip animation accommodate to 30 frame version. That took longer than I thought. (3hrs)
  • Write this PPJ (0.5hr)

Positive: Perforce is a great tool to share files. It is good that it has been set up. Communicating with group members during the production is very nice. Programming side people are very nice to hold my hands and walk me through Perforce work flow (log the changes, submit the files, etc).

Negative: This week was pretty much packed up. Tired.

Total Hours: 11 hours

Jordie PPJ Week 6

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meeting (2 hrs)

• Advisor Meeting (1 hr)


• Fixing Base Model for Doll (6 hrs)

• Fix Rigs in Spine (2 hrs)

• Environmental texture Work Floor stuff (2 hrs)

Total hours for the Week: 13 hrs 


-Mostly fixed the doll rig and it’ll make things so much easier moving forward

-Finished almost all of the redraws I needed for the rig, Just need to redraw the feet and hands for the back rig.


-Fixing/Updating the Doll took far longer than I expected

-Didn’t finish fixing the rig for the back or the front, Only the side.

-I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted- needed to animate as well but didn’t have time with how long it took to fix the front rig /alone/

-I also didn’t get to making the archeologist like I was supposed to

-Didn’t finish Floor textures for pat like I was supposed to. Overall the doll taking so long was awful

-Lost my tablet- took a day or two to find the driver for the one I borrowed from Resh and took at least a day to get some decent quality stuff from it/getting used to it.

-Half of my lack of finishing work was on the lack of tablet the other half was because I just suck


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Items’ Graphic! Week 5 PPJ

My major task this week is to design our in game items. We came up an item list during the meeting. Although we may not going to implant all of the items functional in game this quarter, we still want to have all each of them visually designed. In order to design the items well, I did researches and took consider about the game’s art style, lore, and also the depth of details. Nevertheless, we have officially started using Tracer as our project management tool this week.

Hours Breakdown:

  • On Monday meeting, we met with our adviser and gave him the report of our current status. We gave him a promise of playable content in 3 weeks.  (1 hr)
  • After we dismissed, we had a Skype meeting on DIGM side. We have made final decision of character concept art.  (0.5hr)
  • On Wednesday weekly meeting, we went through and modified our task list. After that,  We went through the function of Tracer and each of us are assigned tasks for the week. (1hr)
  • During the weekend, I did the research about all of the items that I was going to create art (1hr)
  • After the research I created graphic art for all 6 of the items: Dynamite, whip, snake basket, golden orb, gem, and monkey. The images below are how they look like in game. (5hr) However, they still need to be animated. Furthermore, because the items are also shown on phone as items in the inventory, I planned to make each of them an in-inventory-icon.

item_dynamite item_dynamite_iconitem_gem item_gem_iconitem_whipitem_whip_iconitem_goldenOrb item_monkey    item_snakeBasket

  • Writing PPJ of week 5 (0.5hr)

Positive: By using Traser to manage each person’s tasks is the best! It show what we have done, what we are doing and what we are going to achieve. It is a great tool.

Negative: I haven’t communicate with the team about the idea of using the icons to represent them in the inventory. That’s why I only have 3 of them as concept to see if they appreciate this idea.

Total hour: 9hrs

Jordie PPJ Week 5

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meet [Skype] (1hr)

• Advisor Meeting (1 hr)

• Meeting with Pat [Skype]  (1 hr)

• Full Team Meeting (2 hrs)


• Redraw Doll and Rig in Spine (6 hrs)

• Environmental texture Work (5 hrs)

Total hours for the Week: 16 hours

Some Artwork I’ve Made:

Environmental Textures:


Doll For Rigging:


Test Animation:



-Got sprite DONE; it’s all rigged for our first iteration. We’ll have to do more and I’ll be fixing and tweaking it in the next week

-Photoshop part of sprite task took FAR less time than anticipated


-Didn’t get as much animation done by Monday meeting with Wagner as I wished I could spend time on- had to send that task down the line

-test animation doesn’t loop seemlessly


Art, Design, team fancierfish, Jordie, meetings, animation