Beginning of Act 2: Winter Week 1 PPJ – Resh



So let’s go over how my break went:

In addition to helping finalize or at least push to concept some of our expansion ideas (using the framework we built in the fall term), I helped start consideration of new moves for our art style in an attempt to help us find our artistic direction. Also, I had some emergency medical issues arise over the weekend, meaning I didn’t really get much done during Week 1 proper, as I’d set aside that time for senior project work.



Map Redesign/Toolkit Work – 5 hours


Meetings – 4 hours


Total: 9 hours

Positives: I am technically not dead! (Or undead.)

Negatives: I got sick, so compared to most weeks I pretty much got nothing done.


First Act Finale: Patrick Martin Week 11 PPJ


This is finally the end of the term.

Beginning the week, there was a lot of stress over the group final presentation. I had worked on it for a decent amount of time before our meeting on Monday with professor Wagner. That meeting didn’t go well and as a team we worked for about 6 hours to fix it.In the end, that work particularly paid off and we ended up having a pretty good presentation on Tuesday.

Outside of that, it is finals week and I personally have been particularly focused on making sure to get everything set up and turned in before the due dates. Therefore, I wasn’t particularly helpful with production this week. On the good side, in the digm meeting and the Full group meeting we managed to figure out where we were going more solidly and were using the criticism we received at the presentation constructively.



Fixing the presentation – 7 hours

Meetings – 1h Wagner
1.5h Digm meeting
2h Full group meeting

PPJ – .5h

Total: 12 hours

Good: We managed to get the presentation turned around very quickly and finish the term with a good final.

Bad: It is finals week and I was not as productive as I could have been.

Jordie PPJ Week 11

The end of the term. This week we decided as a team the next direction we’re going which means the work I was previously doing was not longer necessary so I stopped the meaningless work of finishing up the archeologist since the art assets were being scrapped anyhow.

Hours Breakdown:


• Wagner meeting (prior to presentations) – (1 hr)

• I missed the digm meeting, caught up later

• Team meeting (2 hrs)

• Presentation reworking (5 hrs)


•Created a five page document outlining my approach to sprite creation from the start with a flat character image all the way to spine for skinning, animating, and back into photoshop for final touches and optimization. (4 hrs)

Total hours: 12 hrs



-We fixed our presentation from what we presented to Wagner on Monday; while we stumbled slightly during our presentation it was overall successful. The questions thrown at us were questions we had the answers to but in the moment failed to explain.

-We have a giant plan of what we’re doing next term, over break, and how we’re going to move forward! Very positive.

-Had an entire team meeting where we got major design decisions for next term knocked out. Everyone seems excited to work on our game again.

-The entire team played a version of mafia at the end of our meeting which was really fun

– My job as been officially documented (by me) and all of the repetitive tasks I’ve been doing that anyone can do are now being passed to other people. It leaves me with more time to focus on what I can do for the team best.

-Overall while the term had ups and downs we have systems in place to move forward very quickly. Everyone’s on the same page and we are better equipped to move forward and create a FANTASTIC game!

-Next term my workload has diminished considerably freeing me up to work on senior project. (Supposedly but now is the time to be more positive)

-I have various plans on how to move forward with marketing.


-Little nervous being apart from the whole team by the entire country, and three timezones. (timezones suck so much) while reconcepting and I am nervous I’ll fall off the map.



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End of Act 1: Resh Week 11 Project Production Journal



So, today I can sum up what’s been done over the past few weeks months.

Start to finish, I had my hands in a lot of the processes, so I helped with map design, character design, helped set up the actual map in Unity, concepting, blah blah blah. I wrote other PPJ’s for that stuff. Instead, I’m going to reflect a little on how it all feels like it worked out:

In short, it worked out pretty well. Things felt a little slow at first, and they were. We dawdled on character designs for too long, and I let that happen despite my job being keeping us on task. We fell behind in some spots, but got almost completely back on track, and I feel like I did a good job at making sure we pointed in the right direction to move forward even if we weren’t where we wanted to be by the end of things.


Creation of presentation build – 8 hours

Edits to presentation – 8 hours

Meetings – 4 hours


Total: 20 hours + a lot of crying

Fancier Fish Week 10 Project Update (11/16 TO 11/29)

Group Meetings:

  • DIGM development meeting   (2 hrs)
  • Advisor Meeting (2 hrs)
  • CS development meeting  (2 hrs)
  • EGS/Production Schedule meeting (2 hrs)
  • Presentation Practice (2 hrs)

Production Work:

  • Website Development (5 hrs)
  • Environment visual development (10 hrs)
  • Environment Implementation (12 hrs)
  • GUI Development and Creation (9 hrs)
  • Player Sprite Production (6 hrs)
  • Presentation Work ( 7 hrs)
  • CS development (16 hrs)


  • Worked a lot on our presentation and practiced it for the end of term
  • Pat completed the Textures and they are in the game
  • GUI work was done by JD and Jimmie
  • Resh tirelessly fixed our colliders each time they broke
  • We have a stable game to demo for Tuesday
  • First music iteration was given out to the team by Cat
  • Overall in a good place to move forward from


  • GUI will still need to be worked on
  • Thanksgiving meant not as much gone done as could have gotten done with everyone spread out
  • Rendering took JD far too long

Total Hours for the week: 75 hrs

Resh Week 10 Project Production Journal



Thanksgiving happened. So let’s recap the last two weeks:

Lighting was settled for good, I managed to figure out why our colliders kept breaking (and they should finally be fixed “for good”. We started concept work on a new set of map tiles, basically building a system so we can make maps quickly and efficiently.


new example map



Lighting  Optimization – 2 hours

Fixing Colliders – 10 hours (2 hours, but done four times)

Presentation Redesign – 2 hours

Designed a little explosion particle effect – 2 hours

EGS Sprint retrospective (Basically final presentation light) – 4 hours

Meetings – 9 hours


Total: 29 hours


Jordie PPJ Week 10

Was thanksgiving week so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, still worked as much as I should have.

Hours Breakdown:


• Week 9? “Wagner” Meeting (1 hr) – practiced presentation for class

•Week 9? digm Meeting (1.5 hrs)

•Week 9? Full team meeting (1.5 hrs) – Discussed music and what we wanted done in the vertical slice for the end of term

•Week 10 “Wagner” Meeting (1.5 hrs) – No wagner but we grabbed tony to practice our EGS presentation which was good practice going into our presentation for the end of the term

• EGS Presentation (1 hr)


•Minor textures updates (1 hr)

• Website Bio Updates, Web Updates, and Team Icons (5 hrs)

• Resizing sprites for Performance Tests (.5 hrs)

• Branding Guide (1 hr)

•HD Logo Rough for Presentation (1 hr)

•Sprite Skin tests and more Sprite Base Editing (7 hrs)

•Starting Press Kit for Game (.5 hrs)

Total hours for the Two Weeks: 23.5 hrs


-Fixed Issue with sprites and 3D messing; got nice feedback from EGS, learned about press kits which is what I was stumbling to put together before I knew what it was- got criteria in general and examples, so I can start putting together our “about our game page” now that I know what I’m doing

-Worked more on our website, The Team page is done!!! and gave out the URL. Got positive feedback on how we displayed the information, will probably make the page a bit more streamline down the road but it’s 100% functional and not completely ugly.

-Got the VERY basic idea of how long it takes to do skins… somewhere between 5-7 hours per side. Which translates to, I’ll need a week for each skin. Sadly. Hopefully I’ll figure out something to streamline it more.


-Didn’t get the skins done that I wanted, despite that being my goal for our vertical slice. There’s still hope before the end of term but not in time for the presentation. : (

Artwork I’ve Made:

Current Branding Guide:

Branding Guide


Basic Front Skin:

archelogist fitted to rig

Skin in Action (on the old animation LOL):



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Thanksgiving Week

We have 2 weeks to cover for this PPJ

Hours Breakdown:

Week 9:

  • Meeting with wagner (1h)
    We discussed the 2d in 3d problem with him and Found out what we were doing was working better than expected.
  • Wednesday meeting (1hr).
    We discussed a menu system with the group and decided to go with a flipping signboard. I was told that i need to finish the textures for the secondaries.
  • Friday meeting. (1.5 hrs)
    We discussed sound with our new sound designer and game systems.

Week 10:

  • Textures for Secondaries (6h)
    This took quite a bit of time because of how many pieces there were that needed Unique textures.
  • Updated Presentation (1.5h)
    Our Presentation needed to be restructured so I worked on that.
  • Writing this PPJ (0.5 hr)

Total hours:  11.5hr

Positive: Glad textures are done for this iteration and enjoyed turkey.

Negative: Thanksgiving put most of the group into a turkey coma. Especially me and I wasn’t overly available when I was at home.

Thanks Giving! Week 10 PPJ

This production journal is going to include 2 weeks ( week 9&10) of progress. Because of Thanks Giving holiday, a lot of us are taking a break. However, I still got things done at the meantime.

Hours Breakdown:

Week 9:

  • We had weekly meeting with Prof. Wagner on Monday(1 hr). I addressed my concern during the meeting. Wagner actually think we can push 2D+3D further and make our game stylish. He gave us the example of Second Life to proof his point of view. This brilliant plan of solution regained my confidence of our project.
  • We had our weekly DIGM meeting on Wednesday (1hr). During the meeting, we came us the concept of title screen and waiting screen. It will be a flip board shows all of the information. Also, I need to refine the sprite for the in-game treasure box.
  • Then, I got sick on Thursday, so I couldn’t attend Friday meeting.
  • I refined the treasure box sprite. (2 hrs)
  • I made mock up for the all of the information on the flip board. (waiting, start server, join game, game over) (3hrs)
  • CS team requested a game app logo, so I made one. (1hr)

Week 10:

  • Although Prof. Wagner was sick, we still gathered on Monday. (1hr) we play tested our game and did a run through of our presentation.
  • We had a presentation in EGS, since we are one of their incubator team, a report is needed every quarter. (1hr)
  • Ziyang and I decided to replace the flip board menu idea by a four-sided-spinning Mayan totem. He modeled it but he had problem of doing the UV layout in Maya, so I took the job. I UVed and textured it. (2hrs) Then I textured our Mayan Temple model as well. This temple will be the back ground of the spinning totem. (1hr)
  • Writing this PPJ (0.5 hr)

Total hours:  13.5hr

Positive: It’s good that we had a solution for 2D+3D issue. No more concerns.

Negative: We still need to communicate with the group about how to technically put in totem title menu in game.


Ziyang`s Week 10 PPJ

Breakdown: Before Thanksgiving week, I was assigned to work on main_title animation in phone screen with Jimmie. Our layout of animation is spin the sign to another side when finger sliding on it.  Since my group encouraged me to use imagination to create things. I inspired from menu of game “Monument”, to create our main menu. I modeled the temple, the sign and the tree, and move them to Jimmie to texture it, then back to me to animate it and rendering.



Working on animation and modeling: 8h

Waiting for rendering: 7h (just in case, saying it.)

Total: 8h


Positive: the final render looks great, I wish our group will love it.

Negative: the render time takes way longer than I expected. Should start it early next time.

Two rendering image: