Here we go again. Patrick Week 3 PPJ

Hello Raiders,

This week was overall pretty productive and we have been focusing on our Gui and the upcoming presentations. Half of our team will be at ECGC and Half will have to give our Final production update so this has been a week very dedicated to presentations. Overall it went well though and we all came together to make sure it all looked as good as it could for the presentation.

Pat Martin Week 3 PPJ: Getting things done.




Meeting with DIGM team: 0.5 h

Meeting with Advisor: 1 h

Skype meeting on Sat: 1.5 h

Moved the 2 characters into spine: 5h


Total: 8h

Positive: We got characters moving and we have a pipeline going on.

Negative: Snow is cold and it prevented us from meeting in person.

Jordie Winter Term Week 2 PPJ


Hours Breakdown:


• Friday Meeting With Wagner (1 hr)

Tasked with Finishing a character and having them IN game COMPLETE by friday

• Digm Meeting – (1 hr)

Decided on design for gangster and divided up work between Me, Pat, and Jimmy. We discussed finishing the Archeologist, as it turns out it was unfinished last term. Also I did not finish implementing changes on the back rig.

•Work Meeting with Digm Side (2.5 hrs)

Ended up doing most of the lineart for the gangster on that time, and I learned how the sprite’s color changing will be implemented in unity


• I completely finished the back, front, and side of the Archelogist for our robust rig, however it took longer than I anticipated as there were a many tiny pieces I didn’t count on taking so long. (4.5 hrs)

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.27.56 PM

• Linearted the Gangster so Jimmy could make the flat and chop it up into pieces for Pat to put into spine. This took more time than it should have as I was rather distracted during the process. (3 hrs)

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.27.35 PM

• Created a master Animation list for Resh so the coding bit of how our sprites will function will go easier. (.5 hrs)

• Created all Social Media Accounts and updated artwork for already created accounts (3 hrs)

• Almost Fixed the back rig in spine, will finish tomorrow (.5 hrs)

Total hours: 16 hrs


-Finally finished the archeologist and we have the lineart for the gangster done. We should be going into rough concepting and production for the next character fine.

-Hoping the document I created in order for the other people in the pipeline to complete and understand their jobs was enough.

-I am mostly back on track to this week despite the setback of Sunday


-I got REALLY sick on Sunday was completely AWOL. I ended up giving Jimmy the Lineart for the gangster on Monday, as well as the complete Archelogist. I should have given it to him on Saturday, however Saturday I realized what we currently had for set up to change colors on our characters would not be working as is and wanted to find a solution before finishing characters.

-Slightly worried about color changing for the characters, but that should be more of a minor concern


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Jordie Winter Term Week 1 PPJ

This is also counting some of the stuff I’ve done over break but the hours on that were more sketchy than I’d like as I didn’t record any of them well.

Hours Breakdown:


• Friday Meeting- was  going to be with wagner but things happened- (.5 hrs)

• Digm Meeting – (1.5 hrs)


•Went through our website and made all of our tagging system and such somewhat consistent (1.5 hrs)

• Concepted and researched methods of better design for our characters in terms of style. (10 hrs)


• This week I went through and designed a new version of our character “gangster” as I was requested to do (4 hrs)

Gangster Tests

• Animated the blank doll for the use item animation (1.5 hrs)

Total hours: 19 hrs


-We had a team meeting to decide where we’re going this term and we’ll figure out the pipeline for creating characters this week

– The rigging system I created last term will be completely usable and ready to go for this term, all the prep was completely worth it to speed our process along now.



-Our team meetings are at the end of the week so our production schedule doesn’t completely line up with the PPJ posting times


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Second quarter!Week 1 PPJ

This week, we resumed our project from a  3-week-break. We did not start production right away. Instead, we had couple meetings and clarified our current state and arranged what we need to do next.

Hours Breakdown:

We supposed to have a meeting with Prof. Wagner on Friday, but he did not show up. We waited for 30 mins. During this time, CS team gave us a list of new function that they developed.

I attended our DIGM group meeting on Saturday, we arranged our tasks as well as our goal for the quarter. (1.5 hours)

I made the concept sprite (first draft) of healing icon, and both gun and healing gun. (3hours) We are not allowed to use a cross with red color, because Red Cross owns it. Therefore, we need to come up our own design. As for the Illusory wall, I did some research of it, and I think I need more information of it before I can work on it.

healHere is our healing Icon!

items_gunGun!items_healingGunHealing Gun!


Positive: I accomplished modifying character body type during the break!

Negative: Prof. Wagner forgot about our meeting.

Total hour: 5hours



Jordie PPJ Week 11

The end of the term. This week we decided as a team the next direction we’re going which means the work I was previously doing was not longer necessary so I stopped the meaningless work of finishing up the archeologist since the art assets were being scrapped anyhow.

Hours Breakdown:


• Wagner meeting (prior to presentations) – (1 hr)

• I missed the digm meeting, caught up later

• Team meeting (2 hrs)

• Presentation reworking (5 hrs)


•Created a five page document outlining my approach to sprite creation from the start with a flat character image all the way to spine for skinning, animating, and back into photoshop for final touches and optimization. (4 hrs)

Total hours: 12 hrs



-We fixed our presentation from what we presented to Wagner on Monday; while we stumbled slightly during our presentation it was overall successful. The questions thrown at us were questions we had the answers to but in the moment failed to explain.

-We have a giant plan of what we’re doing next term, over break, and how we’re going to move forward! Very positive.

-Had an entire team meeting where we got major design decisions for next term knocked out. Everyone seems excited to work on our game again.

-The entire team played a version of mafia at the end of our meeting which was really fun

– My job as been officially documented (by me) and all of the repetitive tasks I’ve been doing that anyone can do are now being passed to other people. It leaves me with more time to focus on what I can do for the team best.

-Overall while the term had ups and downs we have systems in place to move forward very quickly. Everyone’s on the same page and we are better equipped to move forward and create a FANTASTIC game!

-Next term my workload has diminished considerably freeing me up to work on senior project. (Supposedly but now is the time to be more positive)

-I have various plans on how to move forward with marketing.


-Little nervous being apart from the whole team by the entire country, and three timezones. (timezones suck so much) while reconcepting and I am nervous I’ll fall off the map.



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Jordie PPJ Week 10

Was thanksgiving week so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, still worked as much as I should have.

Hours Breakdown:


• Week 9? “Wagner” Meeting (1 hr) – practiced presentation for class

•Week 9? digm Meeting (1.5 hrs)

•Week 9? Full team meeting (1.5 hrs) – Discussed music and what we wanted done in the vertical slice for the end of term

•Week 10 “Wagner” Meeting (1.5 hrs) – No wagner but we grabbed tony to practice our EGS presentation which was good practice going into our presentation for the end of the term

• EGS Presentation (1 hr)


•Minor textures updates (1 hr)

• Website Bio Updates, Web Updates, and Team Icons (5 hrs)

• Resizing sprites for Performance Tests (.5 hrs)

• Branding Guide (1 hr)

•HD Logo Rough for Presentation (1 hr)

•Sprite Skin tests and more Sprite Base Editing (7 hrs)

•Starting Press Kit for Game (.5 hrs)

Total hours for the Two Weeks: 23.5 hrs


-Fixed Issue with sprites and 3D messing; got nice feedback from EGS, learned about press kits which is what I was stumbling to put together before I knew what it was- got criteria in general and examples, so I can start putting together our “about our game page” now that I know what I’m doing

-Worked more on our website, The Team page is done!!! and gave out the URL. Got positive feedback on how we displayed the information, will probably make the page a bit more streamline down the road but it’s 100% functional and not completely ugly.

-Got the VERY basic idea of how long it takes to do skins… somewhere between 5-7 hours per side. Which translates to, I’ll need a week for each skin. Sadly. Hopefully I’ll figure out something to streamline it more.


-Didn’t get the skins done that I wanted, despite that being my goal for our vertical slice. There’s still hope before the end of term but not in time for the presentation. : (

Artwork I’ve Made:

Current Branding Guide:

Branding Guide


Basic Front Skin:

archelogist fitted to rig

Skin in Action (on the old animation LOL):



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Jordie PPJ Week 8

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meeting (1.5 hrs)

• Team Meeting Monday (1 hr)

•Team Meeting Friday (1.5 hrs)


• Updating and Editing the Website (and figuring out the means to do that) (6 hrs)

• Updating and Fixing the Rigs in Spine (1 hrs)

•Logo Design (2 hrs)

•Presentation and Documentation (4 hrs)

Total hours for the Week: 18 hrs 


-I ended up working on the website early in the week like I planned on doing weeks ago so the moment it’s finished I can start doing more marketing type things to push our game forward.

-Got some documentation done for the CS Side


-Got thrown a wrench on Monday on our design which set us back.. sort of. Mostly fixed the perceived problem

-Havn’t finished the website “about” page completely- waiting on Bios from team members

-Haven’t finished the page for the promotion of our game yet- that will be completed sometime this coming week.

-Skins are far more time consuming than I realized.


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Jordie PPJ Week 7

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meeting (1.5 hrs)

• Team Meeting Monday (1 hr)

•Team Meeting Friday (1.5 hrs)


• Fixing Base Model for Front (Spine stuff) and Animated everything for the side- rendered out and put on perforce (3 hrs)

• Redraw hands and feet for back Model- and fix model in spine (2 hrs)

•Experiment in spine to make sure the draw function could be animated and get skins working (1 hr)

• Environmental texture Work Floor stuff (.5 hrs)

•Ended up working on Logo for the Game (.5 hrs) Didn’t need to get done but it was something I just felt like working on.

Total hours for the Week: 11 hrs 


-I finished the front model, rerigged it, and animated the side. It went MUCH faster than I expected- Figured out another function within spine to make my work go much faster. This program has a lot more to it than I realized. Once I figured out the trick to keying that I can also do the skins so much easier! It’s not magic, it’s still work, but this is FAR faster than drawing everything by hand! Very Happy > W <

-The back rig is troublesome in how it works but should function fine moving forward

-Got done what was planned

-Should be able to do that next week the archeologist skin- and after that I’ll be completely done with what I needed to get done with this vertical slice!! So I’ll be two weeks ahead of time (technically) which means I can finish the animations for what other items we’re using for the game (which was more or less a stretch goal it felt like same time last week) and (maybe) I can work on the skins for the other characters.

-Perforce is working well- I’m super happy with how easily I can use it. Just gotta understand how it version saves— because I’m automatically still putting v1, v2 etc on my stuff. Oops? Good habit but evidently not for this.


-While I finished what I had planned to do this week… but in the middle of the week I added more work onto what I wanted to get done. That didn’t get finished. It’s just drawing the skins and animating the front and the back that I also wished to finish.


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Jordie PPJ Week 6

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meeting (2 hrs)

• Advisor Meeting (1 hr)


• Fixing Base Model for Doll (6 hrs)

• Fix Rigs in Spine (2 hrs)

• Environmental texture Work Floor stuff (2 hrs)

Total hours for the Week: 13 hrs 


-Mostly fixed the doll rig and it’ll make things so much easier moving forward

-Finished almost all of the redraws I needed for the rig, Just need to redraw the feet and hands for the back rig.


-Fixing/Updating the Doll took far longer than I expected

-Didn’t finish fixing the rig for the back or the front, Only the side.

-I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted- needed to animate as well but didn’t have time with how long it took to fix the front rig /alone/

-I also didn’t get to making the archeologist like I was supposed to

-Didn’t finish Floor textures for pat like I was supposed to. Overall the doll taking so long was awful

-Lost my tablet- took a day or two to find the driver for the one I borrowed from Resh and took at least a day to get some decent quality stuff from it/getting used to it.

-Half of my lack of finishing work was on the lack of tablet the other half was because I just suck


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