Not Bad But We Cod Do Better. — Patrick Martin PPJ

Greetings Raiders

This week has been marked with the inevitable sign of…. dun.. dun.. dun… PRODUCTION. That’s right we have all been hard at work polishing Remote raiders. I am currently assigned to UI work for the client along with Jimmie. I worked on planning out how to set up the unity scenes for the new screen flow and I was in charge of making the title screen. The new title screen background is below and it will be over layed with the button bases Jimmie had made earlier on in production. MAPmainscreen


We look forward to seeing you next week Raiders.

Refinement: Week 2 PPJ

Greetings Raiders!

We make a lot of improvement of the UI on the client (phone) device. Now we are using this “case folder” for the character selection scene. The buttons and the UI lay out have dramatically updated at the same time.

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Besides of that, I believe you have noticed already. That’s right, we have shaded all of the characters. Ivan Handabah and Dr. Walter Wattz are now shaded. They have more vivid looks in the game.

We are looking forward to see you all in game, Raiders!!

Final Quarter’s First Week: PPJ

Greetings Raiders,

Believe us, we are building this game and making it better everyday.

This week, I worked with Patrick planning out, improve and revise our phone GUI. Because the phone GUI has the most problems, it became our biggest focus point and we are going to need to revise it and  make t look good in the next couple week. I started work on the buttons as the starting point. Several new buttons are finished and added to the phone UI scene. Those are going to replace a lot of the “programmer’s art”

Patrick already posted what we have sketched so I am not going to re-post them here. As for the character selection and map selection menu, they will have a more graphical new look coming out in the following week.

In conclusion, a lot of cool things are coming out soon.

…. We are Gonna Need a Bigger Plan. Patrick Martin PPJ

Greetings Raiders,

As we all know, we are reaching the end of our development cycle. We are in the last 3 months. HOME STRETCH WOOO. However, with that comes the added pressure of the looming deadline of release. This week we largely took stock of our current location and the exact steps we will need to take to reach our release goal in July. I am excited and a little nervous.

My part in that for this week was planning out and designing our phone GUI with Jimmie. The phone GUI was our biggest pain point and we are going to need to hit it hard within the next week to make it look good. Jimmie and I worked on the current layout a bit in Unity as well as designed a final screen flow and will just need to create and place assets to make that functional within the next week.

Our Sketches:

Screenflow 2.jpgScreen flow 1.jpg

Beta Time- Patrick Martin Week 9

I was DEAD WRONG about my illness getting better on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday i was really feeling like crap and essentially coughing up a lung. It was not fun. Then on Thursday we met up and got our budget proposal lined up and were told to free up our weekends as it was crunch time. I focused my effort on getting my work done and getting better the next couple of days. We had the Wagner meeting on Friday. It was largely uneventful. He said he was proud of our progress and that we should be able to pull together beta for Tuesday. On Saturday, we had a super huge Jam session with everyone at excite. It overall went well and we got a TON of stuff done. I was mostly making sprites and doing odd jobs. Then on Sunday, we got our presentation and touch-ups together.

Hours Breakdown:


• Digm Meeting (1 hr)

• Wagner Meeting (1 hr)

• Saturday Meeting (9 hrs)

• Sunday Meeting (4 hrs)


Total hours: 15 hrs


• We hit Beta and that is something to be proud of.


• Colds suck. Don’t get sick kids.

Pat Martin Week 8 PPJ


• Digm Meeting 1 hour 

During this meeting we touched base on how we were doing and figured out how we were divvying up the Bounty board.

• Wagner Meeting 1 hours

We talked to wagner and showed him the current state of the game.

• Saturday Work Meeting


Work on prison map and implementation: 3 hours
Worked on this earlier in the week as well as at the Friday work meeting. Had a few issues with scaling and colliders but that will be handled as soon as possible.

Work on Mud and Pit sprites 2.5 hours
These were done at the Friday meeting. The mud is completely finished but the trapdoor for the pit trap is not quite finished.

Wrangling with perforce 1h
Had some trouble uploading to perforce this week but Zach and I together got it working.

Total hours: 8.5 hrs


• Got The stuff done that I was asked to get done.


Started getting sick near the end of the week and that really stinks but as of Monday I am starting to get over it.


Patrick Martin PPJ Week 7


This week was rather light as I was working on many other things for other classes and did not do as much as I should have this week. However, Tomorrow I will be doing work on bounty board items and knocking out the prison map that i need to do.

Positives: we have a plan and have every intention of hitting beta at the end of the term.

Negatives: other classes got to me this week and i didn’t get as much done I would have liked.

Thursday meeting – 1 hour
Meeting on Friday – 1 hour
Weekend Meeting 3 hours

Familiarize myself with Map system – 1h



Good Shape? Week 7 PPJ

We are in good shape! This is our conclusion of the week.

Hours breakdown:

Meeting on Tuesday (1hour). We discussed our UI feedback as well as our poster.

Meeting on Friday (1hour). Prof. Wagner canceled it again, but we all gathered with CS side of the team and we received an assets list request.

Dev day on Saturday(3hours) I made a new gun icon/ in game item during the meeting. Resh walked us through the map creating process.

Lower the polys counts of the rocks from 150~polys to 30-50 polys. Also centered pivots and deleted all the histories. (3 hours)

Positive: The group came up new UI design. YAY!

Negative: Because I missed the meeting on week 6 Saturday, all of the designs that I made was not useful. They have another set of concept design sketched on the paper which they thought those were better. I am fine with them, but I am no long working on UI. The Perfoce doesn’t work well on my new mac. I am not so familiar with OS and it causes problem when I need to share and get files from server.

Total hours: 8hours



Patrick Martin PPJ Week 6


This week we finished the Merchant and I was in charge of taking the pieces from Jimmie and making sure it works in spine. I was able to adjust some things in unity after the Saturday meeting. We also met on Thursday to plan our week and on Saturday. However, on Friday I was not able to make the Wagner meeting due to my alarm not going off. However, we have a good setup for the next week.

Positive: Finished characters.

Negative: missed the Wagner meeting so we were not able to get his feedback.


Thursday Meeting: 1h


Saturday Meeting: 3h

Spine: 2h

Unity adjustments: 1h

Total: 17h

UI and rocks: Week 6 PPJ

This week, I continued working on UI for both server and client. Also, I made rocks according to Resh’s request.

Hours Breakdown:

We had our weekly DIGM meeting on Thursday. (1hr) We rephrased our weekly tasks, since we all knew what to do. We discussed about that we need a splash art for each of our maps and how they should stylized.

On Friday, I attended Prof. Wagner weekly meeting and I was the only person who showed up from DIGM side. People did not come for varies reasons. Prof. Wagner promised me for extra credit (YAY!!!) and we discussed where we were briefly. (0.5hr)

My laptop broke down so I went to buy a new one on Saturday. Said goodbye to my 4 years old laptop. Then Ziyang told me that Resh required some rocks for our game scene and his hands was full, so I took this job from him. I modeled 9 different rocks and UVed them. (5hrs)


I made the UI mock up for both client and server during different occasions.(4hrs) The team will provide feedback in the following week and see if any of them needs to be tweaked or refined.

The title screen  has not started yet. Haven’t got a good design about it yet

Positive: Modeling rocks is fun.

Negative: It seems like Zach wants me to import these UIs into Unity myself, which I don’t feel comfortable of doing so.

Total Hours: 10.5 hours