Snowdown Week 3 PPJ

The week, we had a blizzard, but our production did not pause.

Hours breakdown:

Weekly DIGM meeting(1 hr)

Meeting with Prof. Wagner (1 hr) Emergency meeting (.5hr)

Production meeting on Saturday (3.5hrs) We developed a “kill list” for making in-game assets.  I worked on Lady Mafia all the way through the meeting. Working on Coloring all 3 views of new Character, Lady Mafia, and broke down her into pieces in order to get it ready for rigging. (7hrs)


Positive: Production meeting was awesome. We got a great chance to sit together and work on our stuffs and communicate and be productive.

Negative: We got to pause our production on character. Instead we are focusing on UI and items. We spent too much time on characters so far.

Total hour: 9.5hrs

Jordie Winter Term Week 3 PPJ

Hours Breakdown:


• Digm Meeting – (1 hr)

Decided on our tasks moving forward pending on how the Wagner meeting went and how we were going on getting the Archelogist in the game.

• Work Meeting with Digm Side (3.5 hrs)

I completed a lot of items in our jam session and learned how to put the assets into unity (well replace the assets in perforce which does the same thing because referencing)


• Made various item sprites; health heart, arrow trap, spike trap, floor switches (4 hrs)

arrow copy


FloorSwitch_Arrow_UpSwitch copyFloorSwitch_Arrow_DownSwitch copyFloorSwitch_Spike_UpSwitch copyFloorSwitch_Spike_DownSwitch copy

FloorSwitch_Blank_UpSwitch copyFloorSwitch_Blank_DownSwitch copy

• Fixed the back rig (that I had left over from last week) (1 hr)

• I reanimated and reorganized the rig once I had all of the archeologist parts (5.5 hrs)


Total hours: 10.5 hrs



-We got a LOT of items in and I learned more about unity


-Missed the Wagner meeting however I was able to get the information I needed from my team mates

– I had the scientist linearting on my plate and it was the one task I did not get finished this week. It will get done within the next two days; I had a lot due this week in other classes. I feel like I didn’t get nearly enough done. 

Ziyang Week 3 PPJ


Meet with advisor: 1h

Meeting with all digm students: 1h

Concept design work: 8h

Total: 10h


We have a good decision for our characters concept in game, and I feel pretty good when I was working on art work.

We summarize how many things we will mention on the presentation on Tuesday, I feel very comfortable for our game going.


This week I have planed to participate Comic-con happened on New York, so I absented the meet on Friday, and then some information I probably miss.

Concept art I made this week:

Characrters design

Fancier Fish Week 3 Project Update (10/4 to 10/11)

Group Meetings:

  • DIGM development meeting   (2 hrs)
  • Advisor Meeting (2 hrs)
  • CS development meeting  (2 hrs)
  • Full team design meeting (2 hrs)
  • EGS/Production Schedule meeting (2 hrs)

Production Work:

  • Website setup   (2 hrs)
  • Visuals first production draft (3 hrs)
  • Map design first production draft (3 hrs)
  • CS development (6 hrs)




  • Prototypes nearing completion.
  • Pitch presentation mostly finished, though not completely done as of this post.


  • We had to divert resources towards the pitch presentation this week.
  • The breakdown for time spent is almost exactly the same as last week’s and it’s weird.

Total Hours for the week: 23


Resh Week 3 Project Production Journal

So! A lot happened this week and by some miracle we’re once more on track with what we initially planned!

Meetings with our adviser, as well as meetings with EGS and general purpose group meetings all happened. Specifically, we settled on some sizing things, some map things, and some color things. Mechanics were also reworked to better fit the style of game we want to make. – 7 hours total

We prototyped our map some more, settling on a “final” design that will influence our plans moving forward. – 2.5 hours

Design work- 2 hours


Total: 11.5 hours



We had a good week, in my opinion. Things ran smoothly and we hit all the things we intended to hit. It was a little choppy at some parts but we’re in no worse shape than we thought we’d be in around this time, so it all worked out.


We should have had some of these things settled weeks ago, but it couldn’t be helped seeing as other groups got a significant head start on us.


Jordie PPJ Week 3

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meet  (2 hrs)

• Full team design meeting (2 hrs)


• More looking into Website iterations (3 hrs)

• Design Work For Player Sprites/Concept work (6 hrs)

• Moodboard Creation (2 hrs)

Total hours for the Week: 15 hours

Some Artwork I’ve Made:

/More/ Finalized Mascot and logo concept work:

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 8.41.36 PM

Role Designs:

role designs

player red

Mood Board:

Mood Board_halfSize

More Concept Art:

couch example-small

Website Iterations:



-Got some work done! Feeling pretty good with the artistic direction we’re going on

-Got colors down and we’re at a much better place than last week, know which way we’re going


-Have yet to find a website design I’m satisfied with; website themes have very little customization options. Bit constricting- need to find other solutions

-Irrationally feels a little nervous things are going to go wrong

-Mental Health not the best… again.


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Patrick Martin Week 3 journal. The enjournaling.

Patrick martin

Meetings: 5h
Map Prototyping: 2h
Moodboarding: 1.5h
Documentation: 1h

This week went ok. There has been a lot of stress due to the major presentation next week and the fact that our adviser will be out of town. Our digm meeting was more or less focused on figuring out the character roles and layout for the presentation. We took friday to hammer out many loose ends and touch up more details on gameplay. I am looking forward to knocking into production.

We managed to really hammer out a lot of details that we were not exactly clear on and i was able to more clearly articulate to the other team members the style i was thinking of.

In general, we were very scrambley this week due to being nervous about next weeks.

Concept Art! Week 3 Journal

My job this week is fully focused on concept art for the project. We have nailed down to 6 roles from 10 roles during this week’s meeting. Therefore, doing the concept art for those roles has the highest priority.

Hours Breakdown:

  • On Wednesday meeting, we nailed down the 6 roles that are going to be in the game. We decided what weapon and utility items that each role going to have. Besides all of those, we prepared the Powerpoint for presentation together at the meeting. (1hr)
  • ui_infoMock up on phone GUI (2.5hrs)
  • roles_concept5 roles characters’ concept arts (5hrs)
  • Writing PPJ of the week (0.5hr)

Positive: Drawing concepts arts is a really pleasant experience. Because our game is aiming at very casual art style, so I could stay in a happy mood when I was designing them. GUI mock up was supposed to be finished last week, but I pushed it to this week. This gives me more time to design it both function and appeal satisfied.

Negative: Missed our Friday group meeting, but I got the meeting notes so I know what’s going on.  

Total Hours for the week: 9 hrs