Showing off. Week 4 PPJ

Salutations Raiders!


This week, we mainly focusing on backing up our team when the rest went to ECGC. JD, Patrick and I took cared the presentation when Jordie and Resh and our programming team were attending East Coast Gaming Conference(ECGC). We spent a lot of time on working on the new presentation. Other than that, we did not have much progress on production, but we are planning to catch up next week according to our play test data in the conference.

We will bring you more update next week!

Characters&more: Week 4 PPJ

I kept on making the characters this week.

Hours breakdown:

Weekly DIGM meeting (1 hr) We decided to getting more characters into the game. Therefore, this week we aimed at getting in”the Scientist”.

Prof. Wagner did not come to the weekly meeting. However, we gathered together, play tested the game, and recorded the game-play footage (1.5 hr)

I worked on the wooden barrel wall which will be used as an in-game item. (2hrs)

I worked on coloring the Scientist and prepared his body parts for rigging. Then I past it to Patrick for next step of the pipeline.(5hrs) The team decided not to add gradients to the character in order to speed up the production. However, at least on my end, it doesn’t make a big difference. It saved me 30mins at most, and it results not look as good as previous characters.


Positive: It was another productive week.

Negative: When Pat was rigging the character, he encountered missing parts. Then I double checked the file and I figured they weren’t past down from Jordie. All of these was because Jordie was distracted by Pat the entire time while she was doing work. Therefore, we blame Pat for this issue:)

Total Hours: 10.5hours

Fancier Fish Week 4 Project Update (10/12 to 10/17)

Group Meetings:

  • DIGM development meeting   (2 hrs)
  • Advisor Meeting (2 hrs)
  • CS development meeting  (2 hrs)
  • EGS/Production Schedule meeting (2 hrs)

Production Work:

  • Character visual development   (2 hrs)
  • Environment visual development (3 hrs)
  • Map design first production draft work (3 hrs)
  • CS development (6 hrs)




  • Character concepts are almost finalized. They’ll be done within the week..


  • Some group members had to focus on other classes and obligations this week.

Total Hours for the week: 21


Resh Week 4 Project Production Journal

Things are going pretty well I’d say! We’re finishing up the initial concepting for our characters, and the map design is also coming along nicely!


Map design happened. It was more based on aesthetics than layout. – 2 hours

Design work- 2 hours

Meetings – 2 hours


Total: 6.5 hours



We’re still on schedule and everything is going okay on that front!


I got sidetracked with work for other classes this week.


Jordie PPJ Week 4

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meet  (1.5 hrs)

• Quick Meeting with Berton (.5 hrs)


• Revamp Design Work For Player Sprites/Concept work (6 hrs)

Total hours for the Week: 8 hours

Some Artwork I’ve Made:

Additional Iteration Character Sheet:

role designs_edited


-We nailed down some basic ideas for the player sprites.

-Got more iterations for player sprites done

-Presentation went well! Got more advice on how to pitch one of the most important aspects to our game.


-Other classes deadlines hit at once; was barely able to get much work done

-Want and need more time to get stuff done


Art, Design, team fancierfish, Jordie, meetings

Refine the Arts! Week 4 Journal

My job this week is to refine the concept arts according to the feed back from the meeting, as well as make a mock up of how environment frame looks like.

Hours breakdown:

  • On Wednesday, we had our weekly DIGM group meeting. During the meeting we had made a lot comments to the concept arts and GUI design. Also, we did research together of the art style for the environment. (1.5hr)
  • The feed back for GUI was that 20’s did not have computer. Therefore, my computer-screen-like-GUI does not work. That was a good point, so I did some changes to the initial design.( 1.5hr)ui_ver2
  • i refined the character concept arts according to meeting feedback. (3hr)roles_concept_ver2
  • i made a sample for our game environment. (2hr)map_concept

Positive: Everything that was planning to be done has been done. 

Negative: Because I attended a wedding this weekend, I couldn’t get much done until Sunday. Although I let Resh know about the situation, it’s still 1 day later than the schedule. 

Total Hours for the week: 8 hrs



Concepting that jazz. Pat week 4

Patrick martin

Meetings: 3h
Room concepting: 3h
Character concepting: 1.5h
Documentation: 1h

8.5 Hrs total

This week as a group now that we are past the major presentation we decided to put pen to paper and are making a major effort to make a full style. I personally sketched out a few room designs and made a design for our masked hero character. This took me longer than usual for me because I am slightly out of practice and drawing takes me a lot of time.

As a group we are more understanding of where we are going in an art direction and enviornmental construction will be happening soon.

I was sidetracked somewhat because a couple classes had big assignments due.

Ziyang`s week 4_PPJ


This week we continue focusing on concept art for characters, map and GUI. Since we haven`t  an agreement for villain and hero art-look, me and my other two members need to re-draw them. So far, I have already done for the villain, but I am really confusing about our concept for the hero, so I block on here.  Also, I did a litter art drawing for our map concept, but I am actually out of time because this week is my busy week.


Meeting on Wednesday: 1.5h

Concept art working: 4h

Meeting on Monday: 1h

Total hours: 6.5h

Positive: Fortunately, we have three art designers in our team, so if someone fail the task, we, at least, have two more options to catch our timeline.

Negative: we probably need to meet more times than just 2 meeting each week, there are some things we still haven`t a decision.


zp38_concept art