UI and rocks: Week 6 PPJ

This week, I continued working on UI for both server and client. Also, I made rocks according to Resh’s request.

Hours Breakdown:

We had our weekly DIGM meeting on Thursday. (1hr) We rephrased our weekly tasks, since we all knew what to do. We discussed about that we need a splash art for each of our maps and how they should stylized.

On Friday, I attended Prof. Wagner weekly meeting and I was the only person who showed up from DIGM side. People did not come for varies reasons. Prof. Wagner promised me for extra credit (YAY!!!) and we discussed where we were briefly. (0.5hr)

My laptop broke down so I went to buy a new one on Saturday. Said goodbye to my 4 years old laptop. Then Ziyang told me that Resh required some rocks for our game scene and his hands was full, so I took this job from him. I modeled 9 different rocks and UVed them. (5hrs)


I made the UI mock up for both client and server during different occasions.(4hrs) The team will provide feedback in the following week and see if any of them needs to be tweaked or refined.

The title screen  has not started yet. Haven’t got a good design about it yet

Positive: Modeling rocks is fun.

Negative: It seems like Zach wants me to import these UIs into Unity myself, which I don’t feel comfortable of doing so.

Total Hours: 10.5 hours

Jordie PPJ Week 6

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meeting (2 hrs)

• Advisor Meeting (1 hr)


• Fixing Base Model for Doll (6 hrs)

• Fix Rigs in Spine (2 hrs)

• Environmental texture Work Floor stuff (2 hrs)

Total hours for the Week: 13 hrs 


-Mostly fixed the doll rig and it’ll make things so much easier moving forward

-Finished almost all of the redraws I needed for the rig, Just need to redraw the feet and hands for the back rig.


-Fixing/Updating the Doll took far longer than I expected

-Didn’t finish fixing the rig for the back or the front, Only the side.

-I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted- needed to animate as well but didn’t have time with how long it took to fix the front rig /alone/

-I also didn’t get to making the archeologist like I was supposed to

-Didn’t finish Floor textures for pat like I was supposed to. Overall the doll taking so long was awful

-Lost my tablet- took a day or two to find the driver for the one I borrowed from Resh and took at least a day to get some decent quality stuff from it/getting used to it.

-Half of my lack of finishing work was on the lack of tablet the other half was because I just suck


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Fancier Fish Week 6 Project Update (10/26 to 11/1)

Group Meetings:

  • DIGM development meeting   (2 hrs)
  • Advisor Meeting (2 hrs)
  • CS development meeting  (2 hrs)
  • Informal DIGM work meeting (2 hrs)
  • EGS/Production Schedule meeting (2 hrs)

Production Work:

  • Item visual development   (5 hrs)
  • Environment visual development (1 hrs)
  • Environment Implementation (4 hrs)
  • CS development (16 hrs)




  • We’re all on Perforce now, or at least we’re supposed to be!


  • Perforce is giving us issues, but we are dealing with them.

Total Hours for the week: 36


Resh Week 6 Project Production Journal


What happened this week?

Well, Halloween happened, so in addition to creepy crawlies, I started inputting things like the walk cycle into our game, which we’re going to be using for independent testing to see if the scale needs to be changed. Additionally, I helped starting to help prep for a playtesting session on Tuesday.


Walk cycle input – 3 hours

Playtesting setup – 1 hours

Meetings – 4 hours


Total: 8 hours



Ziyang`s Week 6 PPJ


This Week my previous goal was to help animate our character in the game, but I was assigned to modeling our map with precise measurement in Wednesday meeting. I got all requirements measurement for each room from our meeting, and I worked on that using the entire afternoon of a day because I was struggling with incoordination between our layout and our measurement in actual see.


Meeting with advisor on Monday: 1h

(I misunderstanded in our goal for last week, I helped to animate character, but issues on the rigging and my other assignments bogged down me to fin. It led our team hard to show more stuff during the meeting, and I felt very sorry. )

Meeting with DIGM team on Wednesday: 1h

(We talked about more details for developing our game, and base on the suggestion from our advisor, we make some plans to modify it.)

Meeting with All crew on Friday: 1h

(Basically, we decided to use Perforce and Slack to communicate each other.)

Working on Map model: 5h

(Like I mentioned above, the data of size I got in meeting was not exactly become our layout looking, so I have to change some sizes to make it match our layout, and I sent to our group chat waiting feedback.  )

Total: 8h.

Positive: each one got clear task this week, and won`t happen misunderstand again.

Negative: I am still waiting for feedback, otherwise I don`t know what I was done is fine or not.

I didn`t set up Perforce yet, will do it later.


Refine and refine: Week 6 PPJ

This week, my goal is to refine and finalize our in game items. I received feedback during both the adviser meeting and DIGM group meeting. The line weight and shading for each character needs to be unified. Also, we reviewed the new on phone UI that I made two weeks ago and the group pointed out some changes to it.

Hours Breakdown:

  • On Monday meeting, we met with our adviser and gave him the report of our current status. He saw the item art that I made and provided feedback.  (1 hr)
  • On Wednesday DIGM weekly meeting, we went over the precise measurement of the map and my art works. I am going to use monkey’s line weight’s thinner version plus the snake basket’s shading on all of the item arts. As a result, it will eventually make the art style unified. At the meanwhile, we tried out the on-phone UI on mobile devices and we see it’s layout fits them every well. However, we want to emphasize the typewriter concept more, so the buttons need to be redesign.(2hrs)
  • Full group meeting on Friday. We talk about how to set up Perforce and the dynamic camera options for the game.  (1hr)
  • I refined the art for all 6 of the items: Dynamite, whip, snake basket, golden orb, gem, and monkey. The images below are how they look like on phone. (3hr)  Btw, The icon concept was ditched.

items_diamond_ve2 items_dynamite_ve2 items_goldenOrb_ve2items_monkey_ve2 items_snakeBasket_ve2 items_whip_ver2

  • I remade and re-organized the buttons for UI mock-up. (3hr) I am really satisfied with this 3rd version of UI.


  • Writing PPJ of week 5 (0.5hr)

Positive: The feedback about my art works that I received this week was very straight forward and useful. It points out where should I improve clearly.

Negative: I haven’t set up Perforce yet. Need to do it sooner.

Total hour: 10.5hrs