More Presentation thingy: Week7 PPJ

Hello Raiders!

We have improved our slides and they look nicer than ever. We recorded a couple new game-play footage with higher qualities for demonstration and trailer. A lot of place holder images have been updated by the REAL images. The structure of the presentation has also been modified.

Please expect our next update! Until next time!

Good Shape? Week 7 PPJ

We are in good shape! This is our conclusion of the week.

Hours breakdown:

Meeting on Tuesday (1hour). We discussed our UI feedback as well as our poster.

Meeting on Friday (1hour). Prof. Wagner canceled it again, but we all gathered with CS side of the team and we received an assets list request.

Dev day on Saturday(3hours) I made a new gun icon/ in game item during the meeting. Resh walked us through the map creating process.

Lower the polys counts of the rocks from 150~polys to 30-50 polys. Also centered pivots and deleted all the histories. (3 hours)

Positive: The group came up new UI design. YAY!

Negative: Because I missed the meeting on week 6 Saturday, all of the designs that I made was not useful. They have another set of concept design sketched on the paper which they thought those were better. I am fine with them, but I am no long working on UI. The Perfoce doesn’t work well on my new mac. I am not so familiar with OS and it causes problem when I need to share and get files from server.

Total hours: 8hours



Ziyang Pan`s Week 7 PPJ


Since we promised Wagner to show a nice slice in the meeting tomorrow, we all have lots of tasks to do this week. According to the meeting on Friday we discussed, we will finish most things of our game including character animation,  a good UI design, map with texture, and stuff inside the map. Everyone work hard at this time, and I feel pretty good that we will catch our schedule. This week my task was to model all stuffs inside our map, we have some reference images about Maya temple style , but most time I need to use my imagination to guess what stuff should appear in the temple, so I spent a entire day working on our project.


Meeting on Monday: 1h.

Meeting on Wednesday: 1h

Meeting on Friday: 1.5h

Working on Project: 9h

Total: 12.5h


I finished the model of stuff inside our map before Sunday, and it allows my other teammates have time to continue working on that, UV out and texture on.

We have play-test party in EGS on Tuesday. l10~15 people from outside came to play our game and left feedback to us, which is very benefit for us to modify our game.

I hear lots of things done from other teammates this week, so I think our senior project is processing in the positive way.


My laptop has a serious issue that can`t install Perforce. none of our teammates can figure out what`s going on, and they all have already installed Perforce in their laptop. I feel so sad for it.

Since we all have different versions of maya, we got the issue that can`t open my file in their laptop. But finally we solve it.


Resh Week 7 Project Production Journal


What happened this week?

We playtested! We playtested so much and so hard, I dare say no one will ever playtest as hard as we did. Well, I can say that, doesn’t mean it’s true but I can at least say it. We got a lot of great data. Additionally, we have a functional walk cycle in-game, and the map is now properly proportioned, and also textured!


Walk cycle input, mechanim rigging – 8 more hours

Playtesting + playtesting setup- 4 hours

Meetings – 4 hours


Total: 16 hours



Texture time. Week 7

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meeting (1.5 hrs)

• Wagner Monday (1 hr)

•Team Meeting Friday (1.5 hrs)


UV Unwrap Current Map – 3h

Create textures for current map 6h

Finagle with perforce. 2h

Total hours for the Week: 11 hrs 


I finished the UVs and Textures for the base map this week and made it so that we had color for our map. We as a group are coming together on perforce nicely and it is working out well. I was given the Secondary models and got them situated in the scene.


Would have liked to have the secondary textures finished but i got many of the objects pretty late in the week and the base textures took me longer than expected.

Jordie PPJ Week 7

Hours Breakdown:


• DIGM Meeting (1.5 hrs)

• Team Meeting Monday (1 hr)

•Team Meeting Friday (1.5 hrs)


• Fixing Base Model for Front (Spine stuff) and Animated everything for the side- rendered out and put on perforce (3 hrs)

• Redraw hands and feet for back Model- and fix model in spine (2 hrs)

•Experiment in spine to make sure the draw function could be animated and get skins working (1 hr)

• Environmental texture Work Floor stuff (.5 hrs)

•Ended up working on Logo for the Game (.5 hrs) Didn’t need to get done but it was something I just felt like working on.

Total hours for the Week: 11 hrs 


-I finished the front model, rerigged it, and animated the side. It went MUCH faster than I expected- Figured out another function within spine to make my work go much faster. This program has a lot more to it than I realized. Once I figured out the trick to keying that I can also do the skins so much easier! It’s not magic, it’s still work, but this is FAR faster than drawing everything by hand! Very Happy > W <

-The back rig is troublesome in how it works but should function fine moving forward

-Got done what was planned

-Should be able to do that next week the archeologist skin- and after that I’ll be completely done with what I needed to get done with this vertical slice!! So I’ll be two weeks ahead of time (technically) which means I can finish the animations for what other items we’re using for the game (which was more or less a stretch goal it felt like same time last week) and (maybe) I can work on the skins for the other characters.

-Perforce is working well- I’m super happy with how easily I can use it. Just gotta understand how it version saves— because I’m automatically still putting v1, v2 etc on my stuff. Oops? Good habit but evidently not for this.


-While I finished what I had planned to do this week… but in the middle of the week I added more work onto what I wanted to get done. That didn’t get finished. It’s just drawing the skins and animating the front and the back that I also wished to finish.


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Fancier Fish Week 7 Project Update (11/2 TO 11/7)

Note: The timezone was off by 5 hrs for all posts previous this one, now fixed.

Group Meetings:

  • DIGM development meeting   (2 hrs)
  • Advisor Meeting (2 hrs)
  • CS development meeting  (2 hrs)
  • Informal DIGM work meeting (2 hrs)
  • EGS/Production Schedule meeting (2 hrs)

Production Work:

  • Item visual development   (4 hrs)
  • Environment visual development (5 hrs)
  • Environment Implementation (4 hrs)
  • Player Sprit creation and Implementation (15 hrs)
  • CS development (16 hrs)


  • All but one of us is on Perforce now and everyone who is, is using it well
  • We are where we are supposed to be, everyone finished what was scheduled for the most part
  • Vertical slice is on schedule for Wagner Meeting
  • Environment roughs are done
  • Ready to get more refinement and testing to be ready for the vertical slice due at the end of the term
  • Got playtesting this week! So we have the start of data to be making changes! Awesome sauce!
  • Ready for more playtesting!
  • Hectic week for all but we pulled through


  • Perforce is literally only giving JD trouble and no real idea how to fix it (yet)
  • Some issues with versions of Maya making transferring files a little strange- but it’s fixed

Total Hours for the week: 54 hrs

Busy Week 7 PPJ

This week, a lot of things happened. Because we promised Wagner a nice vertical slice for next Monday, we have to get a lot done this week.

Hours Breakdown:

  • We had a huge play test section in EGS  on Tuesday afternoon. Over 15 testers played our game and filled up the survey. (1.5hrs)
  • We had a DIGM meeting on Wednesday. We discussed how I need to modify the Golden Orb. First, it needs to be orbit instead of a random shape. Second, it need to have Mayan style decoration. Third, it needs to be shinny. Also, we planned that I will help Jordie to do the character animation. (1.5hrs)
  • I finally learned and set up Perforce. Also, I got it connected to Unity on my laptop. (1hr)
  • I did the color adjustment to the UI and final adjustment. Then I exported all the background, buttons, icons as separate sprite. They are ready to be implanted. (1hr)
  • We had a full group meeting on Friday. We analyzed the play test data from Tuesday. I was requested to do the in-game whip animation. We discussed 10 frame animation will be good enough for it.(1.5hrs)
  • Reworked on Golden Orb according to the discussion. (1hr)


  • On Saturday, I realized that Jordie finished all the character animation, so I don’t need to do any. The attacking animation was finished by Jordie, so I need to animate the whip according to the character’s movement. In this case, there were 30 frame instead of 10 frames which surprised me. Therefore, I did the whip animation accommodate to 30 frame version. That took longer than I thought. (3hrs)
  • Write this PPJ (0.5hr)

Positive: Perforce is a great tool to share files. It is good that it has been set up. Communicating with group members during the production is very nice. Programming side people are very nice to hold my hands and walk me through Perforce work flow (log the changes, submit the files, etc).

Negative: This week was pretty much packed up. Tired.

Total Hours: 11 hours